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Octavia's taken by the Grounder to his cave. He fixes her injured leg and even carries her when she can't walk any more. She is rescued by her brother and Jasper.

A group of grounders attacks Bellamy, Finn, Jasper and their group during their search for Octavia. Several of them die.

Flashbacks tell the history of Bellamy and Octavia. He was there for her birth, named her, and protected her. She lived in their compartment and hid under the floor during inspections. When she was a teen, he finally found an opportunity for her to leave their unit for a dance. During the dance, a flare warning was declared and she was caught.

Clarke takes Raven to the "Art Supply Store" to search for parts to fix the radio. They find a remote control car, but Raven also finds the deer Finn made for Clarke. Raven confronts her about her relationship with Finn.

Octavia's saved, but Finn comes back injured with a knife wound.

Bellamy and Octavia fight and say nasty things to each other.


The 100
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