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Clarke sees someone in a containment suit go into Monte's empty cell and she freaks out. She breaks the camera and window. She cuts herself on the window glass and then uses a glass shard to hold the woman in the suit captive. The woman is afraid of being contaminated by Clarke.

Clarke uses the woman's key card to take the elevator to the 5th floor where everyone is located and finds a large mess hall with people eating. A lady yells, "Containment breach."

Bellamy is alive. He finds two other survivors. They follow Finn and another survivor who are being held by Tristan. The Grounder kills the other guy and keeps Finn alive in order to bring him to the Commander.

Lincoln is teaching Octavia the Grounder language so she can blend in. She's not doing well. He realizes the arrow was poisoned. He leaves her behind to find the antidote.

A new Grounder arrives at the drop ship and finds all his people dead. He enters the drop ship and Raven shoots him. She's ready to shoot the next person who comes in -- it's Murphy. He says not to shoot him, but she does. He's lucky, because she was out of bullets. He tells her, "Yeah, I would have shot me too." She starts coughing up blood and Murphy helps her. He doesn't want to die alone.

The woman Clarke attacked is Maya. She apologizes to Clarke at the President's request. Maya has to go for a medical "treatment." Clarke wants to see her people. The President offers her a trunk of clothes to pick something to wear before seeing her friends. He insists she's not being held prisoner and that they brought everyone they found. Clarke doesn't trust him and breaks a heel off a shoe in the trunk as a weapon.

The ground isn't survivable for those at Mount Weather. They never evolved from the radiation on the ground like the Grounders. Those on the Ark had natural protection due to solar radiation, which allowed them to survive when they landed.

The President takes the heel from Clarke and tells her she's safe. Clarke shows up at Mount Weather orientation and is reunited with Monty and Jasper. Finn, Bellamy and Raven aren't in Mount Weather, but Clarke still believes they could be alive.

Finn and the two other kids follow Finn and he plans an attack. When Bellamy attacks, the other two stay behind. The Grounder beats up Bellamy. Bellamy and Finn are taken prisoner. The two kids that were with Bellamy attack and the Grounder is shot in the head. Kane arrives. "We're here now. Everything's going to be okay."

Octavia screams and Lincoln returns to her. He picks her up and decides to take her somewhere. Nearby, a man with a deformed face, reminiscent of the two-headed deer, watches.

During dinner, Monty's eating chocolate cake and Jasper has pie. Clarke wants their help finding a way out. Jasper doesn't understand why she wants to leave. He believes the people at Mount Weather are looking for any survivors.

Jasper meets Maya. She gives him her chocolate cake. He loves it. He asks about the paintings and she tells him that there's a whole warehouse of them. Clarke apologizes to Maya for taking her earlier, but it was just to get Maya's key card.

Clarke attempts to escape and security goes after her. She jams the door and takes the evacuation routes. She starts to open the door when Jasper shows up. He tells Clarke that everyone will die if she opens the door. Maya gets a rifle and points it at Clarke. Jasper steps between them and begs Clarke to stop.

Clarke doesn't believe them and Jasper wants her to believe they are safe. Clarke's upset about those who they lost. Jasper asks where he made a mistake firing the rockets. He doesn't want her to make one by pulling the lever. He delays Clarke long enough that security comes.

Raven asks Murphy how he ended up like he did. She asks about his parents. They loved him. Murphy got the flu, his father stole medicine (which wouldn't have helped him anyway) and was floated. His mother started drinking and blamed Murphy for his father's death.

Abby asks Bellamy and Finn about Clarke. Finn says he'll take them to her at the drop ship. Kane tells Bellamy and Finn to stay behind. Kane and Abby goes to the drop ship and find Raven and Murphy. Raven tells Abby she was shot, but didn't say Murphy was responsible.

Bellamy and Finn escape and take the tunnels to the dropship. Bellamy attacks Murphy and gets tased by Kane's man and arrested. Finn tries to tell Kane what happened, but he doesn't care. Kane makes it clear Bellamy and Finn aren't in control anymore.

Lincoln took Octavia to his village where the Lincoln Memorial is located. She fears they will kill him and he says he'll stay safe. He leaves her to get the antidote.

Clarke is brought to the President in handcuffs. He asks for them to be removed. The President went outside 56 years prior for five minutes. His father believed the ground was safe when outsiders arrived. He lost his mother and sister to radiation poisoning along with many others.

The President tells her that they searched for survivors at the dropship and the Ark. They didn't find any survivors. She doesn't believe him and wants to see for herself. He says that's not possible.

Clarke goes to dinner and finally eats. Monty and Jasper are happy. The President left Clarke art supplies in the dormitory. She uses them to work on the map of Mount Weather.

Finn convinces Bellamy to go back to the Arker camp where they can get reinforcements and guns to go find their friends. Finn believes the other kids are with the Grounders. They arrive at the new camp where part of the Ark went down. It's named "Camp Jaha."

No one has heard from Jaha, which makes Kane Chancellor. Jaha is on the radio on the Ark. He hasn't communicated with anyone in 12 hours. He's tired and suffering from a lack of oxygen. He wants Kane and Abby to work together and keep the people safe.

Jaha powers down the system and hears a baby crying.


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