The 100 Season 2 Episode 1 Review: The 48

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Who should be trusted?

After getting to know the original 100 and watching them build a society, everyone else around them appears to be suspect now. The adults from the Ark don't understand the ground or respect those who came down before them. The President at Mount Weather is lying to Clarke. And, even Lincoln fears the other Grounders.

The 100 Season 2 Episode 1 showcased the separation of the original 100 and left me grieving for their divide. Their problems on The 100 Season 1 seem so trivial in comparison to what they are facing now. There are enemies all around and some of them don't even know it.

Clarke was the only one at Mount Weather who questioned the motives and honesty of the Mountain Men. At first, I thought her suspicions were unfounded. The President was providing for the refugees and the explanation for the initial quarantine was reasonable. While Monty and Jasper were too accepting of the new environment, their reaction made more sense.

Can you imagine what it would be like to try amazing and delicious chocolate cake for the first time? It would be a euphoric event. People with chocolate cake and pie can't be evil, right? It did seem too good to be true, though given the resources available to the Mountain Men that weren't available on the Ark or for the Grounders, it was realistic.

Unfortunately for them, Clarke was right. The President was a liar. There were other survivors from the battle with the Grounders and many survivors from the Ark. The question is: Why does the President want to keep "The 48," which includes Clarke, Monty and Jasper at Mount Weather?

There must be a reason why they are valuable to him. The President went out of his way to get Clarke, their leader, to accept him and agree to stay at Mount Weather. At the same time, he doesn't want her to know that there are other survivors out there and he doesn't seem to want to bring them in. It's a mystery. 

My best guess is it has something to do with their ability to live on the ground. If the Mountain Men procreate with people from the Ark, would that help expedite their evolution and increase the likelihood they could survive outside? The Ark had the Exodus plan and this could be the equivalent for those in Mount Weather. The President treasured his few minutes outside and mourned the loss of his mother and sister.

His top priority beyond the safety of his people would be their continued survival. People have lived at Mount Weather for a century, but they do seem to have some medical concerns. Maya's blood treatment had to be more than just to up her Vitamin D. We also know that they tested the blood of "The 48," since Maya knew that Jasper had plenty of Vitamin D in his system.

While I missed the interactions of the original crew, their separation will make their reunion all the more touching and heartening. Clarke likely has several emotional reunions forthcoming, including ones with her mother, Finn, and Bellamy. She won't be the same person she was when they saw her last, so that will add a bit of suspense to the reunions.

The most interesting stuff happened on Mount Weather, but plenty occurred on the ground too. Bellamy and Finn survived the war with the Grounders. Their appearance was too anti-climatic, especially given the secrecy about whether they died or not. They were just there with no explanation about where they went, how they survived, or why they weren't together.

The biggest moment on the ground was when Kane killed Tristan, saved Bellamy and Finn, and then took control. It was heartbreaking to see Bellamy and Finn be emasculated and powerless against Kane. I was disappointed to see Kane reverted back to his strict law-and-order self. Didn't he learn anything from the culling and everything that followed?

He should have seen Bellamy and Finn as allies and people who could help him understand the environment, threats, and lay of the land. Instead, Kane took control without asking questions and wouldn't even listen to Finn when he attempted to explain what happened. Kane saw them as "animals" rather than fellow citizens. If he continues with that attitude, he won't last long.

Bellamy and Finn know the situation and surrounding better than anyone. Their use of the tunnels to get to the drop ship was just one element of knowledge they know that can be used to circumvent the new authority. Given Abby's defiance of Kane in the past, I wouldn't be surprised to see her align herself with them. They all want the same thing -- to find Clarke.

Lincoln's decision to return to his people in order to save Octavia was brave. Their relationship is by far my favorite on the series. There's a depth there that isn't even close to matched by any other pairing. Their love and dedication to each other is strong despite their differences.

I especially appreciate how we are given insight into the Grounders through their relationship. I'm looking forward to learning more about the Grounders and the various factions. The two-headed deer from last season was just one of the creatures affected by the radiation. Who was that deformed man near Lincoln's village?

Meanwhile in space, Jaha lives on. He was told there was enough air for a few weeks and so far that's holding. With communication with the ground ended, he's left alone to live out his last hours ... or is he? He heard a baby crying. Is it real? Or a hallucination from exhaustion and oxygen deprivation? We'll have to wait to find out.

Overall, this was a solid series premiere. It set up all the new locations and provided an update on where everyone ended up after the Grounder war and the Ark landing. While a few reveals were anti-climatic, there is something that works about the matter-of-fact manner in which they occurred. It's just another day on the ground.

There's so much more to be revealed. By the way, what ever happened to Anya? That's one of many shockers yet to come!

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Here is your first look ahead to The 100 Season 2 Episode 2, "Inclement Weather."

The 48 Review

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