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Monty, Bellamy, Indra, and Kane are attacked by masked people after being stopped by the felled tree. A woman recognizes Monty; it is his mother. They are the survivors from the Ark's Farm Station.

Jaha and Alie "walk" through the City of Light. Jaha promises Alie that he will fill it with his people. Together they'll save the human race.

Murphy jolts Jaha out of his meditation, telling him they are ready to go. Murphy is still distrustful of Emori, but she jokes that he'll just have to keep an eye on her.

Monty enjoys an emotional reunion with his mother. The people of Farm Station are led by Charles Pike, a former Earth Skills teacher on the Ark, who reports that there are only 63 of Farm Station left -- two-thirds of their number were killed by Grounders, including Monty's father. Pike hates all Grounders, though Indra is careful to mention that Ice Nation (the clan that would have attacked their people) is ruthless. Kane gives Pike directions to get his people to Arkadia, where they will be safe. Pike sends his team ahead to get his people to Arkadia. He and Hannah go along with the group searching for Clarke.

Roan leads a bound Clarke until she collapses, apparently unconscious. Clarke attacks Roan once he stoops to refill his canteen in the lake, trying to drown him. Roan pretends to have drowned until Clarke loosens her grip and then turns the table, holding her under water. Her red hair dye washes out. Clarke looks at Roan and realizes he is Ice Nation.

Lincoln lays with Octavia until she awakens. They kiss until they're interrupted by a ride, Lincoln's friend Nyko the healer, riding towards Arkadia looking for help from Abby. He was gravely injured by Ice Nation.

Inside the camp, Abby checks in on Jasper, trying to get him to talk about losing Maya. Abby makes the connection to Finn, saying that Finn didn't face his feelings and it ended up breaking him. Jasper remarks that Clarke killed Finn, too. They're interrupted by Lincoln, Jackson, and Octavia bringing in Nyko.

Nyko requires a blood transfusion but has a blood type (RH Null) that can only take blood of the same time. Jackson suggests that they bring Nyko to Mount Weather for a transfusion, because they have state of the art medical supplies and blood there. Abby consults Lincoln, who asks her to take Nyko there to save him, because he is his friend. Octavia is hesitant.

One of the Ice Nation bounty hunters who was working with Roan beats up Niylah brutally, demanding to know where "Wanheda" is. He threatens to cut her hand off, but is shot dead at the last moment by Bellamy, who arrives with the rest of the group looking for Clarke. Niylah tells the group that Clarke was there last night and was apparently taken by the now-dead bounty hunter's companion. Monty finds tracks and they go off after Clarke, thanking Niylah and leaving her at the trading post.

Roan keeps Clarke hidden in the underbrush when he notices Ice Nation scouts nearby, planning to backtrack and avoid them. Clarke screams through her gag to alert them. They attempt to take Clarke in order to collect the reward for themselves and Roan fights them off, easily slaughtering them all and recapturing Clarke, who attempted to escape during the melee.

Clarke manages to grab a knife off of one of the dead scouts and stabs at Roan (non-fatally). He manages to subdue her and she comments that he would have killed her already if he was going to. He claims that there is still time.

Octavia, Jackson, Lincoln, and Abby rush Nyko into a room for a transfusion, leaving Jasper in another part of Mount Weather.

Monty tries to find out from his mother how his father died. She changes the subject, commenting that the most important thing to his father was to find Monty. Pike questions Bellamy about what happened between the last report to the Ark that the Grounders were attacking, and the newfound truce. Bellamy explains that they had a common enemy, who was defeated.

Indra interrupts, spotting the dead scouts killed by Roan and noting that they are Ice Nation. War drums sound nearby. Through his gun sights, Bellamy spots Clarke and Roan across the field, he moves to run towards them but is restrained by Pike who tells him that he won't make it with the Ice Nation army crossing.

Indra informs Kane that she is going off to alert the Commander that Ice Nation has crossed the border and is moving to attack her people. She leaves after Kane assures her that they will find Clarke.

Roan consults his map and continues to lead Clarke through the woods, struggling with the stab wound she gave him.

Otan questions Jaha about the City of Light, asking if he'd ever really been there. He leads Otan off to walk and talk with him. Emori and Murphy joke about Jaha having another person to lecture. Emori explains that she and Otan steal tech and give it to Alie's deformed man in order to survive. She notices the man is meditating and moves to steal back the tech she stole for them. He catches her and begins to choke her, killing her. Murphy tries to stop him but the man comments that there is no pain in the City of Light. Emori cuts his throat, killing him and freeing herself. She and Murphy run off with the stolen tech.

Roan and Clarke hide out in an abandoned room. Clarke questions why Roan hid from his people; he counters by asking why she ran from hers. Roan cauterizes his wound. Clarke tries to convince Roan that her people will give him a higher ransom than the reward for her head. Roan explains that he was banished, and giving up Clarke will get him back to his people.

Hannah and Pike tell Monty that his father died saving kids who were being slaughtered by Grounders when they first got to the ground.

Emori promises that she and Otan will split whatever is in the stolen case with Murphy. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for saving her. She busts open the case and sees the tech that controls Alie. Otan returns and tries to take the case from them. He holds Emori at knifepoint. Murphy threatens to throw the case with Alie in the water, "drowning" her. Jaha tries to talk Murphy down, promising he can unburden Murphy as Jaha was unburdened. Murphy turns him down. Otan releases Emori at Jaha's command. Murphy tosses the case into the water and he and Emori run into and steal the boat, taking off and leaving Jaha and Otan behind.

Jaha and Otan appear suddenly in the City of Light with Alie. Otan appears completely non-deformed. Jaha wonders if they should go after Emori and Murphy. Alie explains that in the City of Light, there is no pain but there is also no death. The man that Emori killed appears suddenly, apparently alive and no longer deformed.

Nyko awakens and thanks Abby from saving him. He tells Lincoln that their people are wrong; places are not evil, people are. They need to convince the Grounders. Jackson backs Nyko's idea up, saying that Mount Weather can do much good for both Grounders and Arkers. Abby agrees to open it up.

Jasper tears apart a room of artwork searching for Maya's favorite painting. He finally finds it and sits down, staring at it. Octavia comes in and comforts him as he cries about it.

Monty tells Hannah and Pike about what happened at Mount Weather. Pike doesn't understand why the Arkers are not using Mount Weather because of a truce with the Grounders. He doesn't believe the Grounders can be trusted to maintain the truce. Monty notices that Bellamy is gone and has stolen the clothing of a dead Ice Nation soldier to go look for Clarke.

He finds Clarke in Roan's hideout. Roan sneaks up and takes Bellamy out, threatening to kill him. Clarke begs Roan to not kill Bellamy so instead he badly wounds Bellamy's leg so he can't follow them. Bellamy limps away and is found by Monty, Kane, and the others. He tries to insist on going back to find her, but Monty convinces him that he is too injured and that they'll find another way.

Roan brings Clarke before Lexa at Polis, in exchange for Lexa lifting the banishment on him. Lexa notes that his mother's army is marching on Polis and refuses to honor his deal until his mother, the Queen, honors her coalition. She orders "Prince Roan" of the Ice Nation locked away. Lexa orders everyone out of the room and apologizes to Clarke for what she had to do to get her there. She tells Clarke that war is brewing and she needs Clarke's help. Clarke spits on Lexa, screaming at her that she'll kill her before she's dragged away by Lexa's guards.

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