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Gabriel gets taken from his cell to meet Anders, who asks him to join the code-breaking team. He is told he will help them with the last evolution of human kind and that he will learn why Clarke is the key. He agrees. 

In Sanctum, Emori is trying to bring together the Children of Gabriel and their parents. She is working on a party that will rejoin everyone, and during that day Murphy will be talking to Sheidheda. 

Sheidheda asks him to play chess, which he uses to stall Murphy until the last second.

Meanwhile, Nikki tries to get Nelson to work with her. Emori tries to get him to rethink it by bonding about her past, and asks him to come to the party to meet his parents. He does but his father rejects him and almost kills him. Nelson ends up killing his dad and gets a gun from Nikki, which he points at Emori.

Hope and Diyoza are locked up together but struggle to reconnect. They go back and forth as Diyoza gets used to this new version of her daughter and as Hope meets her mother as an adult.

Echo is locked up with Octavia and mourning very loudly. Octavia tries to calm her down but she then decides to cut her face like Azgeda usually does. She announces that they aren't prisoners, Bardo wants them as soldiers. 

She is right and all four of them are taken by Anders to work for them.

Three months later on Bardo, Gabriel is still trying to crack codes but is bored. Then Clarke and the others arrive in Bardo looking for everyone. Gabriel tells Clarke that Bellamy is dead. 

Meanwhile, Anders goes to the cryo room and wakes up The Shepherd who is Cadogan. He tells him the key is here. 

The 100
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Doing the right thing the wrong way isn't doing the right thing.


Do I get a robe?