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Part One: Juliette

Some students interrupt the Professor to tell her how much they're enjoying her class. She's reading a book. She says it's research, but it's actually Noah's book, Descent.

While cooking dinner, she's talking to someone on the phone, giving them advice about men. Perhaps she should consider going out to look at other men, just for once.The girl hangs up on her.

While reading Descent, Juliette masturbates.

By the time Noah and the others arrive for dinner, Juliette wants Noah.

We have the Audrey conversation again.

Audrey has decided that Juliette is an expert in courtly love only, and that she's just not a modern woman.

Juliette gets up and walks away from the table to the kitchen, where Mike follows. He has to fuck her now. Juliette says no, quite verbally. Mike tries to insist, but they're interrupted by an apologetic Audrey.

Juliette goes to the dining room to find Noah is missing. He went upstairs because he's not feeling well.

Noah hasn't been around people for a long time. Are they always like that? You tell me, she says, she's just a visiting professor. Noah wonders why she's here. The library thinks they may have some pages missing from a text Juliette is researching, so they offered to her a visiting professorship.

After talking about the conversation downstairs, Noah begins to kiss her, but pulls back and leaves abruptly. She asks him to stay, but he doesn't stop.

A completely naked Mike later fucks a fully clothed Juliette from behind at the kitchen sink.

Juliette then has a skype call with her husband and his caretaker. He's very old, and seems to be suffering from Alzheimer's. His name is Etienne. He responds to her name, but he's angry. Not at her, but in general. Margeaux says if anyone needs a break, it's Juliette.

Juliette finds Noah's coat on a dining room chair and puts it on. In his pocket is a number, and she goes to his house. That's where she finds him on the floor, bleeding.

After putting him into an ambulance, Juliette drops onto the ground outside his apartment. Her daughter calls and she just slowly pulls the phone away from her face in shock.

Part Two: Noah

He's in the ambulance. In his stupor, he's jogging, he's seeing the barbed wire of the prison. He's in prison. He's being processed. He pictures a caged bird.

When he goes under, he's in prison. A guard comes by and pretends to befriend Noah. John Gunther. He asks Noah if he remembers him. He's from Bloomsberg. They went to High School together or something. Swimming.

Helen comes into the room, and Noah imagines her being a total witch, taking over, acting as if she's the ruling force in his life.

John Gunther is trying to befriend Noah, but Noah isn't a nice guy. So there's going to be trouble.

Noah is equally as pleasant to the detectives.

Nina comes to pick him up from the hospital and take him with her. Instead, he wants dropped off at Juliette's. Nina starts to cry, tries giving to him the keys to their dad's house. They argue about whatever happened 30 years ago. It's the reason she cannot sell the house. He says he's forgiven her and moved on.

Juliette wishes this wouldn't have been so complicated. Noah tries to sleep with her, but she says no. As a potential suspect, it would look very bad if he were to drop dead at her home.

John Gunther comes into Noah's cell. He really fucks up Noah's shoulder taking his "contraband" poster off the wall.

Noah finally calls the detective and tells him he thinks it was John Gunther who attacked him because he's been following him since he got out.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Audrey: Did I tell you I'm taking his class?
Juliette: No.
Audrey: Well I am, and he's a complete dick, an utter asshole, and all I can do is think about fucking him.

Audrey: That's why the university needs to establish and enforce a mandate of verbal consent.
Juliette: I understand how such a thing would protect the university, but I don't see how sex itself would survive.
Audrey: Why not?
Juliette: Because I'm afraid the articulate is the enemy of the erotic. Isn't the whole point that you don't know what your love will do next, that you give yourself over to a sensory experience that you haven't planned and can't control? The reason I like sex is because I can finally, for a moment, turn off my neurotic mind, and just be consumed. If I give my lover permission, yes, no, touch me, not there, don't I undermine the potency of his desire?