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Part One: Cole

Cole is having a dream about making love to Alison. He wakes up to the voice of Joanie calling daddy.

Luisa can't believe Alison is coming to Joanie's birthday party. I can't believe Luisa can't believe it.

Luisa can't pick up Luisa after school to drop her off with Alison, so Cole does it. He decides to spend time with the two of them, and sees Alison still worrying that Joanie will be hurt. When she pulls her off the top of the monkey bars, Cole looks distressed and the social worker notes it.

When Cole tells Luisa he thinks Alison and Joanie seem comfortable and asks about the next court date, Luisa goes nuts.

When they sing happy birthday to Joanie at the party, Cole tries to get Alison in on the festivities, but she lets Luisa take the lead.

When Joanie falls off the pony, Alison rushes to her side. Cole holds back Luisa, who is not pleased at all. Cole then walks over and the two parents get Joanie back onto the horse.

Now Cole and Luisa have to fight about Joanie.

Luisa wants to compete with Alison and losing their child.

As they're arguing, there is a knock at the door. The police want to discuss the news about Noah's stabbing.

Cole goes to see Alison. When was she going to tell him Noah was out of prison? And why does she have to come into his life with all this extra baggage? And stop apologizing!

She apologizes once more, and he pulls her into a kiss, putting her onto the kitchen table.

Part Two: Alison

Alison is at the playground with Joanie. She's watching her on top of the monkey bars, and in her mind Joanie is much higher than she was when Cole saw her. To Alison, they weren't even paying attention.

After the visit, Alison asks Cole for an unsupervised sleepover after the birthday party. Cole is annoyed. He'll talk to Luisa.

Alison is doing crafts at home, but notices she's late for a meeting. She's talking with the child advocate about Joanie. There are opinions outstanding determining the issues with seeing her. Her marriage to the ex-convict, her lack of employment all are stumbling blocks to unsupervised visits. Although it's hard to understand what employment has to do with it.

While making Joanie's cake, just as she pulls peanut butter out of the cupboard despite knowing about Luisa's nut allergy, she gets a knock on the door from the police about Noah's stabbing.

After they leave, she listens to the message Noah left about wanting to hear their voices.

She calls Noah, gets his voice mail and hangs up.

Alison arrives at the party wtih the cake and sees a fully grown horse for her daughter, not a pony.

Alison asks Oscar whether Cole was at the last town council meeting.

Joanie doesn't want to ride the pony. She wants to eat more cake. Cole and Luisa force her to ride.

Alison has a full blown panic attack, sweat and heavy breathing. She has fallen off the horse, and Luisa has dashed over to Joanie. She sees blood dropping down her lip and Cole shakes Alison. She's OK.

Luisa returns Alison's cake. She says the reason Joanie fell off the horse was because if Alison is out of her line of site, Joanie panics, thinking she's leaving again.

Alison is making Joanie a dollhouse.

They make love.

Alison wakes up and he's gone. She goes out to the pier, to her bike. Luisa is there to tell her she can have Joanie on Tuesday for her birthday. Maybe her bad decisions really are behind her. Don't make her regret this.

On her way back from the ocean, Noah is driving Juliette's car down the street and they catch each other's eye.

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The Affair Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Joanie: I love pony.
Cole: That's because you come from a family of ranchers. On one side, anyway.

Cole: You ready to get back on the horse? [Joanie shakes her head no] Yes you are. That's what we do when we fall off horses. We get right back on, right mom?
Alison: That's right.