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Part One: Cole

Cole went surfing and was nudged out of the way by a younger group of men. When he returned to his car, someone had backed up into it. 

He then took an important phone call and asked Luisa to drive him home. They were stopped because of the tail light being smashed and Luisa did not have a driving license because she's undocumented. 

Luckily, they got away because the officer was told he needed to go on another mission. 

Luisa struggled to shake the idea of being deported. She and Cole went to a meeting with Japanese investors and Alison showed up late and not dressed for the occasion. 

Cole argued with her, saying she was not taking it seriously, but she promised she would show up to a dinner party with them dressed for the occasion. 

She did not show up at the dinner party and one of the Japanese investors asked Luisa to work in their Malibu establishment because of her degree, and experience. 

However, she had to decline because of her undocumented status. Cole was annoyed about Alison not showing up, and it ruined the night. 

Luisa lashed out at him and said how hard it is for her to be the woman who can't do anything because of her past. Cole ultimately left the situation and got drunk on the beach with the guys who nudged him earlier. 

But he woke up after supposedly being drugged and his wallet was stolen. When he returned home, Luisa was livid but laughed after realizing they drew on his face with a permanent marker. 

Cole got a phone call from Alison to help him start her car. He helped and asked her about the Lobster Roll and whether it was good to franchise it. 

Alison said that she was against the idea. 

Part Two: Alison

Alison helped a woman move on after her son died, and they bonded over it. 

Ben showed up in Alison's office looking for another room, and Alison walked him to it. There was an instant connection. 

He later showed up and saved her when her client's husband attacked her for the things she was saying about moving on. 

Ben admitted to her that he got drunk after returning home from the army because he could not feel anything and could not have an erection. 

He said that as part of his treatment he couldn't date for a year and he still had five months left. Alison agreed to date him when it was up. 

When Alison met cole about the car, he said that she is using their son's death to her advantage, and Alison said that it was a lie. 

In the present, Noah and Cole went to look for Alison and Anton showed up for the ride. 


The Affair
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