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Helen took a pregnancy test, but Vik was unimpressed with Helen because she's in menopause and was holding on to false hope of conceiving. 

Helen bumped into Sierra, and she decided to go to the retreat with her. At the retreat, Helen was not impressed with any of the women. 

Thanks to Sierra, she realized that she could be fun, and wound up having sex with Sierra.

But Helen realized the error of her ways, rushed home and told Vik that she did not want him to die, but the pair wound up having sex. 

Noah tried to teach his son how to drive, but the kid did not want anything to do with him because Vik was helping him. 

Noah turned to Helen and yelled about Vik overstepping, but Helen shut him down by saying that Vik is dying and won't be around forever. 

Noah then tried to help Anton tell Janelle about his plan to move on from what his parents want for him. 

It resulted in Noah getting ready to go across the country to Princeton to check out the campus. 

But the trip was cut short when Alison went missing and Cole called Noah for help. 



The Affair
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The Affair Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Helen: Do you think I'm too young to be in menopause?
Vik: Don't you think I'm too young to die?

Noah: You should have told me.
Helen: Why would I have told you?
Noah: Because we're friends?
Helen: No, we're not.