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After completing an exciting leg in Singapore last week, the final four remaining teams were sent to Shanghai, China for the start of the 10th leg of The Amazing Race.  Although all of the teams traveled to Shanghai on the same flight, Jet and Cord were the first team out of the airport and hailed the first taxi to the village Zhujiajiao.  Dan and Jordan and Louie and Michael were next out of the airport, but their taxi drivers did not know where to go.  This allowed Brent and Caite to pass the all-male teams and get to Zhujiajiao in first place.

Even though their cab was beaten by Brent and Caite, Jet and Cord were not far behind as the two teams took a boat ride through Zhujiajiao, frequently referred to as the Venice of China.  The boat ride ended at a Roadblock which instructed selected team members to turn raw dough into noodles.  Jet was able to master the noodle-making technique faster than Caite and the cowboys were able to pass the dating models.  

Despite trailing, Dan and Jordan and Louie and Michael were able to find the Detour before Jet and Cord and Brent and Caite had left.  However, the two teams ahead of them left shortly after their arrival and Jordan and Louie found themselves in a battle to stay out of last place making noodles.  Drawing on his experience making noodles with his Italian grandmother, Louie passed a frustrated Jordan who was struggling in the cold.  

Upon completing the Detour, teams were handed a clue by He Pingping, the world’s smallest man.  The clue instructed teams to find the Shanghai fashion district.  Once in the district, teams were directed into one of the many fashion shops in the district and had to find all of the various articles of clothing for a specific outfit and have their chosen model put on the outfit.  

Building on their lead, the cowboys followed Cord’s new found nose for fashion and completed the challenge before Brent and Caite arrived.  Although they, as models, are typically the ones who have the clothes picked out for them, Brent and Caite did not struggle with “the other side of the changing room,” finishing the challenge only shortly after the other teams arrived.

Once again fighting to stay out of the back of the pack, Dan and Jordan capitalized on Louie and Michael’ navigational error and Jordan’s well versed nose for fashion to erase the deficit they had previously been faced with after the Roadblock.  The two teams finished the fashion challenge at the same time and headed for the Hongkou football stadium for their next clue.

At the Hongkou football stadium, the teams were faced with an unprecedented second Roadblock for the leg, one that forced the other team member to complete this challenge.  Having passed on the noodle making, Cord and Brent set about putting together a 96-piece puzzle measuring 20’ long by 20’ wide.  Once the puzzle was complete, they had to distribute the pieces to fans sitting in the stands who would flip the cards over to reveal the seat location of their clue.

Brent was able to make quick work of the puzzle and catch up to Cord until a gust of wind blew away a number of the pieces that Brent had put together.  Cord suffered a similar fate, but did not lose as many pieces as Brent.  Remaining calm and unflustered by the bad luck, Cord finished the puzzle, found the clue and propelled Jet and Cord to their fourth first place finish of the race.  

Despite the setback, Brent’s lead on the other teams was too great for them to make up and Brent and Caite finished second.  Trailing the entire leg, Dan was able to solve the puzzle far faster than Michael who struggled.   Dan and Jordan sneaked into third place while Louie and Michael finished last.  Fortunately for the detectives, this leg was a non-elimination leg and they remain alive in the race.

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The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm flipping out that I'm the last girl standing.


Dan: I hate him just as much now as I did before.
Jordan: I love him just a little bit more now because he's making my dream come true.