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This week’s episode picks up after last week’s dramatic ending when Phil informed the racers that the first Pit Stop was not the end of the leg and they had to continue to race.  Zev and Justin, who had not finished at the end of the last leg, exhaustedly limped to the Pit Stop and got the difficult news from Phil.  Kent and Vyxsin, meanwhile, miraculously recovered their fanny pack from the gondola and made it to the Pit Stop well behind the other teams.  Their day was made, however, when they were informed that they were not eliminated, but had more racing to do.

All of the teams caught up to each other once again when the next train back to Kunming, China was later that evening.  To pass time during the long break, Jet and Cord noticed a basketball hoop and suggested they use Flight Time and Big Easy’s basketball to play some pick up.  The impromptu pick-up game featured Jet, Flight Time and Kisha against Cord, Big Easy and Jen with Luke doing the jump ball.  Jaime and Cara cheered from the sidelines and the remaining teams enjoyed the light moment.

Upon arriving in Kunming, China after a long train ride the teams raced to the Dounan Flower Market and then the Golden Horse and Jade Cock Memorial Arches where they received the Detour for this leg of the race. The teams had the option of Honor the Past or Embrace the Future. 

For Honor the Past, the teams dressed in traditional Tibetan garb and watched a Tibetan ceremony.  From memory the teams had to correctly place dolls which resembled the performers in the correct order.  In Embrace the Future, the teams had to haul pieces of a solar water heater up to the top of a residential building and then install the water heater before advancing.

The first three teams to choose Honor the Past – Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen and Ron and Christina, came out of the Detour first and headed to their next destination.  With the exception of the trailing Gary and Mallory, the remaining teams choose Embrace the Future.  Kent and Vyxsin struggled with the challenge falling to 7th place, but remained ahead of Flight Time and Big Easy and Gary and Mallory.

After completing the Detour, the teams had to find their way to the Chinese Minority Heritage Center where a U-Turn loomed.  Despite leaving first, the carpool of Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen and Ron and Christina got lost and fell to the back of the pack.  Their error allowed Margie and Luke and Jet and Cord to get to the U-Turn in first and second place, respectively, but both choose not to U-Turn anyone. 

This allowed Kent and Vyxsin to barely beat Jaime and Cara to the U-Turn and U-Turn the former cheerleaders.  Facing a U-Turn, Jaime and Cara were forced to U-Turn another team and chose Flight Time and Big Easy.  Despite the disadvantage that both teams faced, each finished the Honor the Past portion of the Detour quickly and beat Zev and Justin and Gary and Mallory to the Roadblock.

The Roadblock pitted the selected team member in a difficult challenge of correctly putting together a replica of a dilophosaurus skeleton from pieces scattered throughout a famous paleontological dig site.  Arriving at the challenge in last, Gary and Mallory decided to use their Express Pass to skip the challenge.  Jet, however, finished the Roadblock with amazing ease and beat Gary and Mallory, along with the four teams who beat him and Cord to the challenge, out of the Roadblock and to the next Pit Stop.

Although teams trickled in to the Roadblock, many teams blew their time advantage by trying to rush through the reconstruction.  Being detail oriented helped Margie and Kisha who followed Jet out of the challenge shortly after he left.  Unable to get the details right really hurt Christina, Zev and Jaime who could not get the hip portion of the replica correct and fell behind.  Fortunately for Christina and Zev, they figured out their error before Jaime and avoided elimination.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 5 Quotes

Vyxsin: We're gonna feel like jumping off the edge right now.
Kent: If we get eliminated I'm going to jump off some building.

There's some kind of screws loose up here in our mind.