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Nina is in Lefotovo Prison in Moscow. She has a nice track suit.

Philip closes Annelise's eyes and he and Yousaf leave the room and go back to his. Philip hands him a Rolling Rock, assuring him as long as he allows him to do what he does, it will be OK. He'll be back in ten minutes. 

Paige wants to hand out the first 1500 fliers tomorrow night. When she finds out running a travel agency really isn't so difficult, she's going to be angry. Time for mom to join him at the office. Paige wonders if Elizabeth ever called Philip at the office and he wasn't there. Her friend's mom did that and he was having an affair. Paige thinks mom and dad look out for each other more than the kids, but that's OK. She's glad they have each other.

Philip tells Yousaf his people are dying in Afghanistan.

Stan is at a warehouse where a large crate is delivered. Inside is the defector from the Soviet Union. He welcomes her to the United States of America.

Philip, Elizabeth and Yousaf crack up Annelise in order to fit her into something to get her out of the hotel. It's incredibly disturbing.

Nina gets a roommate. She's French. Evi, from Belguim. She begins to sob and Nina wraps herself up in her blanket.

Elizabeth stows Annelise safely away in her suitcase and they prepare to leave.

Stand is complaining about hotel reservations. No adjoining rooms, he made it himself. It's not ready. The defector gets a Snickers bar and is surprised by how good it is. She talks about what her Institute does and starts to look around. She can't believe it's all over, but Stan tells her it's not really over.

Elizabeth is in bed remembering a conversation with her mother. She was talking about a memorial for her father. Her mother reminds her it's not a memorial, he was a deserter. They shot him in the back. When Philip asks what she's thinking about, she says a blue dress her mother used to have.

The defector gives a press conference. It's the exact same kind of conference someone in the Middle East would want an American to give at this time.

Yousaf saw the missing person report for Annelise. He thought she was a silly little creature, but he could talk to her. She had a degree in art history. Philip needs names. People working in the CIA's Afghan group. 

Stan is being followed again, and now we know it's Oleg. He plans on killing Stan. Stan calls his bluff and walks away.

Elizabeth's face is still incredibly bruised and her teeth painful and bleeding. She's not having them tended to avoid being detected. They begin to argue about Yousaf and why Philip never wants Paige to get into the business.

Stan tries to reach Matthew. He leaves a message on Sandra's boyfriend's machine. He's cracking just a little bit after the close call.

Philip is out on surveillance.

Stan heads over to Sandra's. She's the only person he wants to tell, but he can't really reconcile that. He leans in to kiss her, but she doesn't want that anymore. 

Elizabeth is in the garage listening to her mother's tape again. Philip comes in to tell her she should go see her mother. They're good at getting people across borders, and they owe her that. She says they can't go back.

At work, Stan takes a look at the drawings of Frank's attacker. They don't ring any bells. 

Elizabeth goes to see Gabriel again and gives him a recording, whether it's a return or a reply is unknown. He thinks she and Philip seem different than before. She tells him things are hard with Paige. It feels like she's going to tell him too much.

Back in Moscow, Evi gives Nina some of her food. She says she is innocent, but she doesn't know if the embassy knows she's here. Nina assures her it's not a prison for innocents. 

Philip and Elizabeth plan their mission. Things between them are very tense.

Philip is surprised and proud to see Paige reading the newspaper. 

Elizabeth takes off too soon. They just argue in general pretty much through the entire operation. They go into the bar and after hearing their entire line of beers (I'll take a Genny Cream Ale please) they get a Miller Lite. Philip thinks they should swig back some brews together more often. Can't say I disagree. 

Tatiana and Oleg watch the Brezhnev funeral on TV and guess what Regan's thinking and then chat about the defector. She wants him to understand propaganda.

The defector, meanwhile, is getting another candy bar, Milky Way this time. I think she's addicted. She hopes to see sites like Lincoln Memorial and such, but Stan says they don't have that kind of security. She can't believe they'd try to kill her here, in America. For ease of spelling and speaking, we'll call her Xena.

Nina is met with the Minister of Railways, Igor. He can see how Oleg fell for her. She asks after him. He's taking it hard, he tells him. Oleg wants Igor to use his influence to save Nina. She wants him to tell Oleg she wasn't pretending with him.

When Elizabeth was recruited, she was 16. She had one week to decide. She told her mother who didn't hesitate. She told her to serve her country. That's what she can't reconcile.

The Americans
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