Wouldn't it be a nice world if no one had to do this.


Claudia: I was read in on everything. You've been doing beautifully.
Philip: We've had our moments.

Philip: What are you doing?
Elizabeth: Tai Chi. Stobert showed me. It's relaxing.
Philip: It looks like slow Kung Fu.

Back when Gabriel was shooting people at home, what do you think she was doing?


Elizabeth: And then a 45-year-old logistics manager kicks you out of bed.
Philip: We're not all as attractive as you, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: But you are.

Philip: Is Stan Beeman's new girlfriend one of us?
Gabriel: Are you serious? You're losing it, Philip.
Philip: That's not an answer, Gabriel.
Gabriel: No. It's possible the centre wouldn't tell me because they knew you'd ask me this question, but as far as I know, she is not one of us.

You were right about Paige. She should be kept out of all of this.


Paige: I knew America did terrible things, but I never thought, I mean, people's food?
Elizabeth: I know it's hard understanding these things, seeing these things, but the world doesn't work the way people here think that it does.

Philip: Can I ask you something? You said when you were younger you did terrible things. What things?
Gabriel: When you signed up, how much did you know about what we did before and after the war?
Philip: People were talking about it.
Gabriel: What did you think about it?
Philip: I didn't. I didn't ask questions.
Gabriel: Well, it was bad. It was worse than you can imagine. People were shot, worked to death in the camps. Some were counter-revolutionaries, but some hadn't done anything. Just people. I did it, too.
Philip: why?
Gabriel: To set an example. The organization was full of people who were scared and confused.
Philip: But not you.
Gabriel: No. I believed I was acting in the service of a higher purpose, but I was just scared. It was terrible, terrible times. And a lot of us didn't make it out of there.

Diedre: Are you planning on moving to Topeka?
Philip: No. Why? What if I did?
Diedre: Because I just want to be together like two normal people right now.

Ben: You're softer today.
Elizabeth: What am I normally, crusty?

My own parents. I don't know anything about them at all.