Tuan: You should know I already sent my report on the operation. I don't you want to be surprised. In my self-criticism, I acknowledged the mistake I made in contacting my previous family in Seattle.
Elizabeth: Tuan, we don't...
Tuan: It's alright. My organization will forgive me. I said you both did a lot of great things during our work together. But I had to point out there were certain lapses during your cover arrangements which I told you about during the operation.
Elizabeth: Yes, you did.
Tuan: I also put in my report that I believed the success of the mission was risked at the very end because your commitment to achieving our goal was overridden by certain petty, bourgeois concerns.

Elizabeth: The head of the Soviet Division? I'm sorry.
Philip: It's OK. It's why we came here.
Elizabeth: Maybe you should stop. You need to keep getting the recordings, but maybe you should stop.
Philip: You need me, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Not for this. I'm making you stay and it just keeps getting worse for you. I don't want to see you like this anymore.

Philip: It's not just me having a hard time. It's you, too. The kids. We're allowed to have a life.
Elizabeth: I can't. I just can't.

Philip: Who is that guy?
Alexei: Because we defect, government give us protection.
Philip: Oh.

Note from Pash. He say he love us, not want to make so bad for us, life here. He say he sorry, but he cannot live in America.


I slept through the night yesterday for the first time in like, forever.


Oleg: I think I'm going to aim for the middle, where I can get things done.
Igor [smiling]: Mmmhmm.
Oleg: I got someone out of jail, someone we'd been investigating.
Igor: An innocent person?
Oleg: She didn't deserve what we were going to do to her. She was just trying to...make things work.
Igor: That's the trick here half the time.
Oleg: It's screwed up though, Dad. Because the higher-ups -- I don't mean you -- but some...they're just shit. They'll take the break people are supposed to eat and make a fortune out of it.
Igor: Is that what you've been working on? Good for you. I don't mean to make you talk. I know how it works.

Stan Beeman was not my friend.


Igor: I couldn't help your mother. I had no power. No one did. Now I can crush people if I have to. And I'll crush them for you. To keep you safe. Not just because you're my son, but because you're good.
Oleg: I'm not bringing you down with me, it's too dangerous.

Paige: How, exactly, did you get him this job?
Philip: The Soviet Union has worked hard for peace. It has a lot of friends in a lot of organizations all over the world.
Paige: Religious organizations?
Elizabeth: Well, some of them fight for justice, which is good enough for us. [Paige takes off her cross necklace and dumps it in the trask]

You can't predict what a person's life will be, and you can't deny them the challenges that will shape them.

Pastor Tim

Anatoli Victorovich, I'm sorry, but I questioned Ekaterina Rykova. And I'm telling you, she's just stuck in something. She's not someone who made things happen. She's actually trying to help put food on people's tables.


The Americans Quotes

Interrogator: There will be no spy trades under this president.
Philip: I'm not a spy.

We will find this traitor and put a bullet in his head.