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Philip is at the garage. He's pensive. He sighs. He needs to wait.

Elizabeth drives up with the packed bag. 

Stan and his unknown partner are driving the streets looking for the agents who are on the move. Stan stops to make a quick call to the Travel Agency. Neither Philip nor Elizabeth are there. At home, their answering machine picks up.

Elizabeth arrives. She wants to get the kids now. Philip suggests they leave Henry behind and Elizabeth can hardly believe what he's saying.

Stan gets to their surveillance point and runs of to do something.

Elizabeth admits she killed a KGB officer and left her to die in the street.

Arkady meets with Oleg's dad to tell him what has happened to his son. He admits Oleg wasn't there for the KGB and speaking for to Gorbachev won't work because Gorbachev doesn't have a handle on things and that's why Oleg was there. 

Igor wonders what he's going to tell Oleg's mother who lost one son to a useless war and another to ... this.

Stan's next step is to stake out Paige's apartment building.

Aderholt is talking with Father Andre and what would happen to the Russian Orthodox Church if word got out he's been working with the KGB. 

Elizabeth and Philip arrive at Paige's apartment and she's shocked. She's even more concerned about Henry. None of it makes sense.

What's even harder to process is Stan finding them in the garage. Their story is Paige, a college student, has a stomach ache so she's going home from college and both parents have come to take her home. Stan wants to know what happens if he calls in the loaner.

The entire conversation occurs (found in the quotes section) and Stan ultimately allows them to drive away.

Paige wants to see Henry before they go. Philip and Elizabeth are on a different page about whether or not to call, but Elizabeth seems to be in so much pain Philip acquiesces. 

Stan returns to the surveillance point with coffee, saying nothing to his partner.

Oleg is in a stark prison.

Igor has just passed on the information to Oleg's wife. 

The Jennings are burying their past in the woods, getting their new identities and saying goodbye to the one Henry would have used.

At the train station, Philip makes a call to Henry. Henry thinks the call is kind of odd and wants to hang up quickly to get back to his friends. It's a phone call that will be so nondescript in the moment but over which Henry will scour for the rest of his life.

When Stan returns to the office, Aderholt takes him into the quiet room to show him the sketches from Father Andre. There's no doubt it's Philip and Elizabeth now.

While the Jennings house is being searched, the Jennings are making their way to Canada. Their disguises are enough to get them through an identity check before crossing the border, but Paige gets off the train leaving the couple bereft.

Stan tells Henry about his parents at hockey practice.

Elizabeth has a dream on the flight to Russia that she's with Gregory. She's in a room full of art and smoking cigarettes. She never wanted kids anyway. But on the bedside table is a painting of Paige and Henry.

Paige makes it back to Claudia's where she takes Vodka out of the freezer for a drink.

Elizabeth and Philip are driving back into Russia.

They catch up with Arkady who drives them toward Moscow. They need to get out and look at their future.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Elizabeth: I killed a KGB Officer, left her to die in the street.
Philip: What were you supposed to do?

Philip: Henry should stay. He's been doing so well there. His future is here.
Elizabeth: Leave him? Is that what you mean?
Philip: It's the best thing for him.
Elizabeth: To be alone? Away for us? That would not be the best thing for him.
Philip: He belongs here.
Elizabeth: He belongs with us!
Philip: We're doing it for him.
Elizabeth: Philip. They would tear him to pieces.
Philip: He doesn't know anything. This is where he grew up. It's awful but...
Elizabeth: [chokes back a sob]

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