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Terence is making a pitch to investors. Meanwhile, Kyle is on set prepping for a sex scene.

Megan is grabbing lunch when someone notices her. He shows her a gossip rag about her and Kyle breaking up. At home, Kyle tells her it was his publicist that put the story out for promotion for his movie.

Kyle and Megan visit his publicist and she explains the story they will be putting out there for the movie. They will put stories about them breaking up but getting back together right before the premiere of the movie.

It bothers Megan a lot more than it bothers Kyle.

Terence confronts DeAnn about IHM financing her new movie with Kyle. She's concerned about Kyle and his fight.

Megan comes home from work exhausted and wants to eat in, but Kyle wants to go out to eat. On the way, Kyle has motorcycle issues. They are stuck by the beach. They take a walk while they wait for help.

Turns out that there was nothing wrong with the bike. It was part of a plan to get Megan to a special place where he proposes to her. She accepts.

DeAnn is not happy about the engagement as the PR plan is messed up now. She talks to Kyle and Megan about it. Kyle tells Megan how strange it is not to be talking to Terence.

DeAnn talks to Terence about everything going on. Terence suggests he and DeAnn take Kyle and Megan out to dinner to celebrate.

Kyle is on set. DeAnn visits and asks Kyle about dinner.  He declines.

Meanwhile, Amelia confronts Megan about the engagement. She thinks it's all a promotion for something she's doing. 

Kyle and Megan learn that Amelia is in the hospital. They go out to dinner but Megan is bummed about Amelia. She tells him about their run in the other day.  Kyle makes a call to find out about Amelia.

A man visits Megan while Kyle is away. He went to prison. It has something to do with Evan. He claims she killed Evan. He blackmails her. He wants $5 million before he starts talking to everyone and telling the story.

Kyle and Megan are on the way home. He tells her about Amelia. She just wants to go home. At home, she tries to text Shaun. She's very upset. They agree to meet in the morning.

The next day, Shaun and Megan talk. Megan is freaking out. Megan did kill Evan. It was self-defense, but she did kill him. Shaun doesn't think that Kyle and Megan's relationship will end if he finds out.

Megan doesn't want to talk to Kyle so Shaun suggests talking to Terence. She says she'll talk to Terence for her and tells Megan she's now working for Terence as in-house counsel.

Megan doesn't want Shaun to tell Terence. She completely freaks out and leaves. She goes home and tells Kyle the whole story.

Kyle is upset but agrees to give the guy $5 million. She says she'll go away but that's not what Kyle wants. He loves her, he's just hurt that she lied to him.

Megan meets with Leslie, her agent. Terence is calling and he wants to meet with her. Megan leaves. She goes back home looking for Kyle but he's not home. She writes him a letter and packs up some stuff and leaves. She leaves the ring.

DeAnn shows up and tells Megan that everything is going to be okay when a guy comes up behind her and knocks her out.

DeAnn is back with Terence. They have a plan.  Megan is in a locked van being taken somewhere. The van stops and the driver opens the door. She tries to run, but there is nowhere to run. She's at an IHM facility for individual transformation. 


Shaun gives Terence's check back as she feels it's too excessive. He offers her a real job. Shaun suspects that he's doing this because of her relationship with Megan.




The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Our lives are controlled by a contract we signed with each other. Remember that?


Are you being snarky with me because your big marketing plan fell apart?