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Kyle is having a new security system installed. 

DeAnn and Terence are discussing Kyle and Terence's temporary separation. Terence believes Kyle will find his way back.

Megan is in the dressing room with Charlotte. 

Kyle is talking with the security director about his new security system.  He doesn't want to install cameras in the house.  She wants him to have a gun in the house.

Megan is discussing options with the showrunner for her new lines which were just given to her an hour before shooting. Filming begins.

Kyle visits the set. He wants her to come to his house because of the break in. He doesn't want her to be alone. He asks her to move in with her permanently.

DeAnn talks with Kyle about The Resistance. Kyle visits Adam and tells him he's not making movies with him anymore.

Charlotte gives Megan more business advice.

Terence meets with Shauna. She asks if James put her up to it because she was losing interest in IHM.

Megan shows up at Kyle's place. She's going to move in with him. She asks what happened between him and Terence, but he tells her it's between them. She's okay with that.

DeAnn talks some more with Kyle about his first directing job. 

Shaun is helping Megan pack. Hope shows up. There's obvious conflict between Hope and Shauna.

DeAnn talks with Terence about Kyle. She's concerned that if Kyle doesn't return to IHM they won't be a couple anymore.

Kyle is at home alone while Megan is packing. He's a little uneasy.

Megan and the girls are playing games. Kyle is trying to read. He doesn't want to be alone. 

Hope thinks that Terence trashed Kyle's house. Shaun is getting upset and admits she knows Terence and is going to seminars at the IHM.

Shaun brings up that Hope released the naked photos to the press. She leaves. Hope tries to explain herself, but Megan isn't having any of it. She kicks her out.

Kyle has a nightmare about Terence as the alarm goes off. He gets up with his gun to investigate. It's Megan. She tells Kyle about the photos and Hope. She tells him about Shaun. She's upset.

DeAnn visits Annika with a contract for the rights to her script and a check. DeAnn doesn't want Annika around the production and ends up breaking up with her.

DeAnn brings Megan the script to read. Megan doesn't want to get in the middle of whatever is happening between Kyle and IHM. She agrees to read it.

Megan is given new lines again for the day. She confronts Charlotte about the rewrite. 

Megan goes home and tells Kyle she read the script and loves it. She wants him to do it with her.

Kyle is being spied on. Even though he requested no cameras in the house. There are cameras.

The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You can't treat your actors like glorified props.


I've got plenty of things to catch up on until Kyle finds his way back which he will as soon as he realizes that he is not built to do this alone.