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Megan and Kyle are having sex and both of them are having hallucinations. She's going back to her hometown to officiate at her friend's wedding. Kyle is not going along.

Annika gives DeAnn a massage and they talk about DeAnn making choices and taking risks.

Nate calls Megan and she makes arrangements to meet with him in NYC.

Kyle confronts Terence about the night with the police officer. He visits Megan at home and tells her he wants to go with her to her hometown.

Kyle and Megan are in her hometown. Kyle is helping build a gazebo with Megan's friends.

Megan and her friend talk. Megan freaks out after learning Rebecca is going to be at the wedding.

It's wedding time for Tessa and Brian. Megan is officiating. 

Terence is at Isaacs place where he takes a pill and goes into an isolation chamber filled with water. he has a hallucination that he and Megan are a couple.

Terence's trip continues. He wants to be Kyle. He wants everything Kyle has. His fame, fortune, and woman.

Rebecca says hello to Megan. Megan is uncomfortable. Rebecca brings up Evan and Megan leaves the conversation. Kyle asks Megan what's going on. She doesn't want to talk about it. They dance.

Megan has a hallucination that Kyle is Evan. She takes off. Kyle follows. She freaks out. Evan was her step brother. Apparently she was abused.

Is she telling the truth? He abused her when she was 11. He "left" her at 14 when he had a girlfriend. Evan died.

Terence is back in his hallucination. He admits to Kyle that he needs help and that he doesn't care about anyone.

Megan and Kyle are on their way home. 

Terence is changing things up. DeAnn is waiting for him. She wants to discuss Kyle's directing plans. He's going to leave the decision up to her. She's surprised by this.

Terence is giving a workshop. 

Megan and Kyle come home to find Kyle's house has been broken into. Nate is texting Megan.

Kyle is thinking it's Terence





The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Tell me again what you're wearing to this thing. Black? I love when you go dark.


Terence: Kyle, this violence. It's a regression.
Kyle: At least now I see you. You're a fraud.