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The girls arrive in San Francisco! Three one-on-ones and one two-on-one tonight. Let's get to it.


This is Tenley's first one-on-one date with Jake. They tour the city and act cheesy.

Their dinner is on the roof of a tower and it's gorgeous. Jake notes that Tenley is the girl he pictures most as his wife. But Jake doesn't want to stick his neck out there if she's still hung up on her previous marriage, so he asks her about it at dinner.

They talk about expectations and cheating and it's actually a mature conversation.

Back at the hotel, there's a knock on the door and Corrie tells Ali and Vienna that they're the two-on-one date. Ali has a heart attack. Corrie then reveals that she's kidding, but Ali's reaction to it causes Vienna to get pissed (understandably).

Gia and Vienna

The actual two-on-one date participants, Gia and Vienna, are taken to Castello de Amarosa Vineyard in Napa.

Gia feels like a third wheel because Vienna is hogging the date. Vienna then rats Ali to Jake, and so on.

Jake then tells Vienna he's going to steal Gia off for a minute. He tells Gia he's falling for her.

Then Vienna wanders off into the wine cellar calling Jake's name. Vienna finds them and gets her alone time. She talking-heads about wanting her "boyfriend."

Vienna gets all teary-eyed talking about how the other girls with him are like a knife to her heart

Later, after they've tucked in for the night, Vienna decides to go visit Jake in bed and he assures he that Vienna was "sexy as hell" and he had "dirty thoughts."

Still, he sends her away out of respect for Gia.


They go in a rowboat. Corrie keeps waiting for her kiss (because she hasn't gotten one yet). Neither makes a move. Lame.

They go to a science center after hours. They have dinner and Jake wonders where Corrie is right now.

She says she wouldn't live with her man until they were married and that she's saving herself.

Jake respects that.

Ali's Date

Ali gets to show Jake San Fran because it's where she's from ... or she lives. Except all she does is talk about Vienna.

Nothing interesting happens.

Rose Ceremony

Jake gives roses to Tenley, Ali and Gia. The final rose goes to... Vienna. Stunner.

The Bachelor
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