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Tonight on The Bachelor: Jake meets the families of his final four ladies (Ali, Vienna, Corrie, and Gia) in their home towns. Let's get to it.

Gia in New York

Gia jumps into Jake's arms when he gets to NYC, and they decide to get on a boat to see the city.

Gia's past relationships sucked, we learn.

Jake meets Gia's mom Donna, her step-father Tony, her step-brother Erick, and her half-brother Dylan.

Erick is afraid Jake is going to hurt Gia, and she admits she's put a wall up, and he tells her to "watch out."

Gia's mom gives her (false) hope that Jake is in love with her, and Gia spills the news that Jake acts like that with everyone (true).

Jake assures Erick that he is protective of his lady, and Erick playfully threatens to break Jake's legs if he hurts her. Not bad, Erick. Not bad.

Ali in Williamstown, MA

Ali jumps into Jake's arms.

When it comes to cold, Jake says, "I'm a big baby."

Ali says the last time she was home was for her grandmother's funeral, and she wants Jake to know how important she still is, so she takes Jake to her grandmother's old house, where Ali was her live-in nurse when she got sick.

It's a tad weird.

Ali then takes Jake to her family's home, where he meets her mom Elizabeth, her sister Rhia, and her brother Mikey.

Ali says her mom is "not an easy lady to impress."

Mom and Ali talk, and Mom tells Ali she got a feeling that Jake is a good, genuine person.

At the end of the night, Ali tells Jake he's everything she dreamt she'd find in someone.

"If you asked me today, I would say yes." He responds by taking off his gloves, grabbing her face, and sucking on it.  

Tenley in Newberg, OR

Tenley greets Jake by jumping into his arms (, and they take a walk through the woods.

They sit down for a chat, and she asks what role Jake's parents play in his life. Jake says he runs most everything past his parents. Loser.

Tenley takes Jake to her old dance studio and shows him around. Then she does a routine for him set to the popular wedding theme.

Jake meets Tenley's dad Rob, her mom Beth, and her sister Carly.

The family sits down for dinner, and her mom isn't surprised Tenley got the First Impression Rose.

Tenley's dad grabs Jake for some grilling, and he says Jake "appears to be a man of integrity," and asks: are you that guy? Jake says, "That is me."

Tenley's pop tells her that things are hard, and he starts to cry, and she starts to cry, but he can tell Jake's a righteous feller.

Jake finally asks Tenley's father if he has his blessing, and Dad gives a thoughtful, heartfelt yes. "If it makes Tenley happy."

As they kiss goodbye, Tenley says she won't say she "loves" Jake just yet, but she's falling for him.

Vienna in Sanford, FL

Vienna jumps into Jake's arms. Vienna says her dad hasn't liked too many of her exes.

"Good luck," she tells him about her dad.

They get to the house, and are greeted by her dad Vinny, her dog Chloe, her step-mom Lisa, and her sister Kayla. Vienna and her dad start crying when they see each other, and she reiterates what a daddy's girl she is.

She tells Dad she's falling for Jake, and she's never felt like this about anyone. They hug, and it's a sweet side to Vienna. Will it last?

Vinny takes Jake out to the garage to grill him. He's not comfortable that Jake's dating four girls at once, and tells Jake Vienna needs to be treated like a princess by her husband.

Later, Jake and Vienna kiss and snuggle on the bed, and her dad busts in to say he's right outside the door. He leaves and they immediately start to make-out again.

Back in L.A.

Jake boringly recaps the past hour. Then he gets a knock on the door. It's Ali. Something's wrong.

She has an "impossible" decision to make.

She just found out that she has to choose between staying here and going back to work. He won't tell her what to do, despite wanting her to stay obviously.

Ali will let him know what she's going to do at the Rose Ceremony, and he kisses her.

Rose Ceremony

Chris and Jake talk about what's happening with Ali.

The four women file into the Rose Ceremony room as Jake says exciting adjectives about each of them.

Ali is not smiling as Chris greets them, and she asks to talk to him. Chris leads Ali to Jake, and ...

Ali leaves. Jake cries on the banister.

Jake pulls himself together and musters the courage to tell Tenley, Gia, and Vienna that there will be no Rose Ceremony, and they'll all be accompanying him to St. Lucia.

In the limo, Ali questions her decision, not knowing he already forgot her name. Oops!

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