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The Bachelor heads to St. Lucia, where Jake has three women remaining, and one who just left vying for a return.


She and Jake take a boat to a market. Jake drives the boat and Gia remarks that he's a good driver, whereas she "probably would've ended up in the Bermuda Triangle."

After the market, Jake remarks that he wants to come back to St. Lucia on his honeymoon because it "would have a lot of meaning."

That night they have dinner and Jake resorts to his "Gia's so beautiful" thing. That seems to be all he's noticed about her.

A Fantasy Suite card is then delivered. They hop into the giant tub in the suite and Jake says, "Gia has grabbed on to my heart so hard."


J and T kick off with a helicopter flight. The helicopter takes them to a picnic and they talk about marriage and 20 years down the line.

It's cute, but Tenley keeps talking about her ex-husband.

They walk on the beach and smooch in the water, then they have wine at a fancy place. Jake is clearly buttering Tenley up.

She brings up her marriage again and tells him how much it means that Jake gave her a chance and that her past is put to rest.

They dance together awhile (Tenley does the Jake Dance again) and then the Fantasy Suite card comes out. Tenley says she wants every second she can get with Jake, so she's a yes for the suite.


They get to sail on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ship. They strip down and have a picnic on the bow, then climb the rigging into the crow's nest.

They go to dinner later and Jake says he needs to make sure he's not just attracted to her sexually.

Vienna assures Jake she wants her husband to be her best friend. Jake then asks what kind of rings she likes. Wow.

She knows she wants a thin band with a princess cut and a little "bling around the ring." She then asks if he could see her as his wife and he doesn't even hesitate to say yes.

Jake then has to remind Vienna that he has fallen for the other women too. Vienna then says he's all she thinks about.

They go back to the suite and it is so on.


As predicted, Ali calls. She says she made the wrong choice and that she wants to come back. Jake hesitates.

Ali begs for forgiveness and says she wants to come back, even if Jake sees her and sends her right back home. Jake says he's further along with the other women and he doesn't know who he could send home to have her back.

She says her feelings are so much stronger than when she left and she was just scared and the decision she made has given her the most regret.

Jake gives the soundbite of "get on a plane, get here right now" (except with the added "I wish I could say" part.

He finally turns her down. She says she will forever regret the decision to leave. Until she becomes the next star of The Bachelorette which could not be more obvious.

Jake and Chris rehash the dates and he says he is in love with all three. Blah blah blah and so forth.

Videos are shown of the three girls begging for a rose. Filler.

Rose Ceremony

Jake gives the first rose to Tenley. Jake then pretends to struggle before he gives the second rose to Vienna. Gia makes a classy exit.

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