Date #1: Vienna

Vienna gets the first date of the week. Clearly there is a house-wide hatred of Vienna going on, but it's not clear yet why.

Jake whisks Vienna off on his motorcycle, and then onto a helicopter. They go bungee jumping. She is so scared.

Jake wants to "overcome a fear together as a couple."

Finally, Jake calms himself, and they jump, sharing their first kiss while hanging upside down from the bridge.

They celebrate in the hot tub. She gets the rose, and Jake is smitten.

Date #2: Corrie, Elizabeth, Ali, Tenley, Ashleigh, Jessie, Kathryn, Michelle

Jake meets the group at Universal City and escorts them to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, where Jon himself greets them and breaks the bad news: they will be doing stand up.

Later, at their "wrap party" for the totally "successful" "comedy" show, Tenley tells Jake about her divorce, and he likes and respects her more for it. Ali and Ashleigh both use their private time with Jake to explain how much they hate Vienna.

Michelle finally gets her alone time with Jake, where she demands a kiss. Jake reluctantly gives it to her, but she is not pleased. This just isn't right for her, and she would rather go.

Unless Jake wants her to stay! She'll stay if he wants her to stay. But no, Jake says it would be better if she left.

No one gets a rose.

Date #3: Ella

Jake picks up Ella in a helicopter, and they fly to Sea World, where she learns that this is actually a 1-on-2: her son, Ethan is there to surprise her.

The happy little family does the whole Sea World thing: whales, dolphins, penguins, you know... sea stuff. She gets the rose. She likes him a lot.

At the house, Vienna tries to apologize to the group, but Ali's not having it.

Cocktail Party

Jake says it's been a long week. Elizabeth keeps up her "no kissing" game with Jake, and he calls her out for being a tease.

Vienna steals Jake to confirm that he still likes her, since she learned what the other women said about her on their date.

Jake tells her that he is glad she's there and that she has a rose. Ali yells at Vienna for taking alone time with Jake.

Rose Ceremony

Vienna and Ella already have roses.

Jake gives roses to...


Eliminated: Valishia and Elizabeth (and Michelle)

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