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After trying to hear out both Kenny and Lee, Rachel has decided that she's had enough. She sends Lee packing (and in true Lee fashion, he never admits the truth and just continues to lie). She also decides not to give Kenny the rose right away, but after spending more time together, Rachel gives him the group date rose.

At the rose ceremony, Rachel sends home Josiah and Anthony. Both men are surprised, but Rachel clearly knows what she wants.

The group travels to Denmark for the next set of dates. Eric goes on the first one-on-one, and the sparks between him and Rachel are definitely there. They spend the day in the hot tub, and the night at an amusement park. Eric opens up to Rachel about his family and she gives him the rose.

The group date in Denmark is Viking themed. In addition to a Viking boat ride, the men learn how to fight. Kenny and Adam are in the final round, and both get hurt (hence Kenny's bleeding eye in all of this season's promos). Speaking of Kenny, he decides to go home after not getting more validation from Rachel and missing his daughter. Peter gets the group date rose.

The second one-on-one date is with Will. After having a strong connection in the beginning, he ends up in the friend zone and gets sent home.

At the second rose ceremony of the episode, Rachel is emotional and sends home Alex.

The Bachelorette
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