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The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 5 begins with the cocktail party from the Spelling Bee date. Kenny and Lee continue to fight about calling Kenny aggressive, but Rachel is too busy making out with Bryan to notice. And despite Josiah winning the Spelling Bee, Bryan gets the group date rose.

Rachel goes on a one-on-one with Jack Stone before they leave Hilton Head. Jack is very interested in Rachel, but she sees him as a friend and sends him home. 

The group travels to Norway, and Bryan gets the only one-on-one date. The pair continues to hit it off and cannot stop making out.

Rachel goes on a group date next, and they play European handball. Rachel bonds with Peter and Will, but Will is the one who ultimately wins out and gets the group date rose. 

The rest of the episode is centered around the feud between Kenny and Lee. They are picked to go on the dreaded two-on-one together. While Kenny tries to bond with Rachel, Lee spends his time talking about Kenny and making up stories about him being violent.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, and will pick up tomorrow night as part of the two night special. 

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