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Ten guys remain on The Bachelorette as week five gets underway for Jillian Harris. Let's review the remaining contenders:

  1. Ed, 29, technology consultant from Chicago, IL.
  2. Jake, 31, commercial pilot from Dallas, TX.
  3. Jesse, 27, wine maker from Carmel Valley, CA.
  4. Kiptyn, 31, business developer from Encinitas, CA.
  5. Mark, 26, pizza entrepreneur from Denver, CO.
  6. Michael, 25, break dance instructor from Astoria, NY.
  7. Reid, 30, realtor from Philadelphia, PA.
  8. Robby, 25, bartender from Spring, TX.
  9. Tanner P., 30, financial analyst from Dallas, TX.
  10. Wes, 32, musician from Austin, TX.

This week begins with Jillian Harris reeling from the rumors about girlfriends and hidden agendas. She sounds like she believes the rumors, and she vows to put on her detective hat and find some answers.

The 10 guys and she are headed to Whistler, B.C. Jill reveals that she'll have two 1 on 1 dates and a group date this week.

The first 1 on 1 goes to Manic Michael. Mikey thinks he likes Jillian "the most" out of all the guys.

Jillian admits that she almost let Michael go at the last rose ceremony.

Mike and Jilli go ziplining, which is apparently about "commitment."

Jill then says Michael reminds her of a puppy, which is an apt metaphor.

They strap in for a tandem zip, and Mike recommends they "try this later in the bedroom." Classy. Luckily, Jillian laughs.

They have bonding time over hot chocolate, and then reconvene for dinner in a massive wine cellar, where they "saber" a bottle of champagne.

At the hotel, everyone but Jesse gets the group date invite, meaning that lucky Jesse is the other 1 on 1.

Back in the cellar, she gives Mike the rose.

At the hotel, some of the guys talk about the girlfriend thing: Tanner is there, but he just sits there awkwardly as the rest cluelessly wonder who said what.

Someone postulates that whoever said the rumor just made it up.

Tanner tells the camera he wants to talk to Jillian and tell her that Wes is the guy with a girlfriend. Or is just on the show for his music.

No one can really decide which it is.

Jillian is taking a snowmobile trip with the group, and she picks Robby to be her bitch on the back of her snowmobile. What an honor.

Robby admits to Jill that he was pissed at the last Rose Ceremony because he didn't get time with her, and he apologizes for losing his cool.

Out of earshot, the other guys bash Robby for being 25 and an unemployed bartender. Jillian is pretty sure Robby is not the one with a girlfriend.

Next, Tanner grabs Jill, and still doesn't tell her who the guy with a girlfriend is. Instead, he tells her to watch her back.

As far as moles go, this guy is worthless.

Then Wes grabs Jill and talks about how he's not just there for publicity, even though his CD does drop this month and it will indeed get him PR.

But at least he's not hiding anything, right? That's what he says. They make out in the snow.

Back with the group, Jillian does the toast.

She toasts the snow, the whiskey, and the outdoor ice bar. Jill then dances on the ice bar. It's time for more alone time time.

Kiptyn and Jill make out, and then Reid and Jillian take turn losing their trains of thought. He also tells her that everyone has a girlfriend, and oh yeah he has 4 girlfriends and 2 wives. JOKE!

Meanwhile, Jesse gets an invitation telling him "It's time to break the ice." Clever.

Jill then grabs Ed, who is having a tough time and distancing himself from the group, but she doesn't know why. Jill asks whats going on, and he says he had a conference call with his boss, who is giving him pressure to come back or risk losing his job.

It's that ancient dilemma, older than time: Job or Jill?

He can't decide. Jillian ends up giving the group date rose to Ed to let him know that she wants him to stay and really likes him, but you know, NO PRESSURE!

He has a couple days to think it over. Jake is confident that Ed won't be at the rose ceremony.

Jesse gets ready for his 1 on 1 date, which is taking a ski plane onto a glacier. "It's like we're the only ones on Earth!" he says.

Except for that camera crew.

Jesse tells Jillian he'll remember her forever, which makes her look at him in a new and special light. How sweet. He's totally gonna get a rose.

They meet back up for dinner, and she asks about his ex girlfriend and if he's ready to settle down. He says he is ready to commit, and is happy to hear that Jill isn't committed to staying in Vancouver.

The guys back at the hotel say Jesse has no chemistry with Jillian, and Mark says, "He's the dude your girlfriend cheats on you with."

Jesse and Jillian have some hot tub time and he gets the rose.

Ed and Jillian sit down for a serious talk, and he tells her that he has to leave because he's not being fair to his company by staying.

He's hurting one person instead of 6 or 7 at home.

Jillian cries and cries and makes him feel guilty for his decision, but ultimately accepts it and leaves after a sad hug.

Ed says he is keeping the rose she gave him. Jillian makes him promise that when he finds the right person, he can't let work get in the way.

It's Rose Ceremony time.

Chris lets the none men at the Rose Ceremony know that because Ed excused himself, only one man will be going home tonight.

Jillian gives roses to (besides Jesse and Michael):

  • Reid
  • Kiptyn
  • Robby
  • Jake
  • Tanner
  • Wes

Wes AND Tanner? Wow. So, Mark is going home. Such is life.

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