The Bachelorette Season 5

Jillian Harris makes her toughest decision since the previous week's toughest decision and narrows her available suitors to two.

Jillian Harris finally bids farewell to the ass hat known as Wes Hayden.

Kiptyn Locke

Jillian cuts the field to four after it briefly increases to six with the return of Ed.

Jillian Harris makes a surprise cut, and the field is narrowed to five for next week's hometown dates.

The fifth week of Jillian Harris' quest for love contained some unexpected twists.


Jillian's quest for love continues. Who will get the axe this week?

Jillian culls the field to 13, while tension heats up between crazy David and Juan.

Only 20 men remain for Jillian Harris. How will she handle the next round of cuts?

Jillian on the Premiere

Jillian Harris' quest for love begins, with 30 men posed to become Mr. Harris.

The Bachelorette
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