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The guys are in the cafeteria discussing how one of their colleagues, Bert, won an important fellowship. Leonard, Howard, and Raj are all happy for him, but Sheldon is insanely jealous.

Leonard convinces Sheldon to read Bert's research, in hopes that will help him feel better about it.

Sheldon does, and realizes that Bert's research is actually brilliant and worthy of the award.

Leonard goes with Sheldon to take a walk, and Sheldon wonders how the study of rocks could be important. He picks up a rock, and Leonard convinces Sheldon to release his anger by throwing the rock.

He does, but it lands on his foot. In Sheldon's continued jealousy, he continues to act out in anger, injuring only himself each time.

Meanwhile, Howard finds a remote control action figure of Stephen Hawking that he made a long time ago, but Bernadette thinks that it's offensive.

Everyone tries to explain to Sheldon that jealousy is a normal human emotion, and Amy points out that while she's always been jealous of Penny's looks, she was happy when Penny cut her hair short.

Leonard admits to Bert that he's jealous of him, and when Sheldon finally thinks he has a leg up because he has Amy, who Bert used to have a crush on.


The Big Bang Theory
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