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Penny comes home to a romantic surprise from Leonard that includes wine and pizza bagels, but then we realize that it was just a fantasy, and he's actually playing video games in his underwear. In reality, Penny feels as though she's being taken for granted.

She brings it up at girls' night, and then lashes out at Leonard when she gets home. They get into a fight, and Penny says she thinks she should take Amy with her to the spa weekend she had planned rather than Leonard.

Meanwhile, Howard notices a squeaky floorboard in Halley's room, and starts trying to figure out how to get it fixed. But, since that will end up being pretty expensive, he instead plots a way to navigate the room without stepping on a squeaky board. Unfortunately, the route to the crib is far more complicated than he thought it would be. 

Leonard decides to go to the spa to try making an effort with Penny, who doesn't want to see him. But they end up talking and decide they need some help.

So, they ask Sheldon something they never imagined they would ask. They ask if he will write them up a relationship agreement.

The Big Bang Theory
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