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Sheldon and Amy return home after the holidays to share the details of their terrible trip to Texas with Leonard and Penny.

In the flashback, Amy believes it's time for Sheldon to tell his mother the two of them are living together, but Sheldon isn't ready to do that and assumes his mother will be upset. 

When he gives in and shares the news, his mother's reaction is not what he thought it would be. She's happp because she always thought he'd end up alone.

Then Amy tells Sheldon she had actually shared the news with his mother before the trip.

Leonard and Penny talk about their holidays as well, which includes the biggest fight they'd ever had, and a debacle with a Christmas tree.

As for Howard and Bernadette, the newborn baby has proven to be a challenge, and Bernadette is feeling upset.

Sheldon points out that "baby blues" are common, but it turns out Bernadette finally did get the baby to sleep. She just had to crawl into the crib with her.

The Big Bang Theory
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