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Leonard is still on the ship doing research ... or drinking and partying it up it seems. Sheldon and Penny both miss him and hang out to ease their sadness. They get upset when they find out that Leonard is having a blast and doesn't seem to miss them at all.


Amy and Bernadette are away at a work conference. They appreciate that they can talk about intellectual topics instead of boys because Penny's not there. They get excited when a couple guys buy them drinks, but then get in a fight over their significant others. In the end, they make up.


Raj isn't dealing with his breakup from Lucy well. Howard suggests that he go to a party for post-docs. Raj ends up insulting Mrs. Davis and then connecting with her when he goes to apologize.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Howard: There's a party for incoming post-docs tonight. Go to it and meet someone who isn't made of grease or pie.
Raj: You think you're so cool because your wife is a person?

Sheldon: Even the dung beetle chooses to plot its course by using the Milky Way.
Raj: Is that true?
Sheldon: Everything I say is true. Now, of course, the dung beetle also enjoys eating fece, living in feces and making little balls out of feces. So, pick and choose which aspects of its lifestyle you want to embrace.