The Big Bang Theory Review: Sex-Crazed Gorilla Attack

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The Big Bang Theory season 7 premiere picked up with Leonard still on the ship, supposedly working on a research project for Stephen Hawking in similar fashion to how Howard was still in space at the beginning of season 6

However, Leonard's experience at sea was as opposite as it could be from Howard's. Instead of being bullied and isolated, Leonard was literally the life of the party. 

Regina King on The Big Bang Theory

Raj can finally speak to women! It's a relief that it wasn't a temporary cure. Finally, Raj will be able to have real interactions with woman and grow as a character.

Poor Mrs. Davis. How does she continue to work in Human Resources with these scientists around without going crazy. Though, Raj's inappropriate comment about her marriage and penguins was nothing compared to Sheldon's sexist and racist remarks. If it wasn't entirely inappropriate because of her position, a relationship with Raj could be quite funny. With her life experiences and confidence, she's the anti-Lucy and could teach Raj a few things. 

Raj: So if the fact that your husband left you makes you feel unattractive, just remember, penguins get cheated on and they're adorable. | permalink

It would be really awesome, if the writers would stop pegging Penny as an idiot that drinks away her problems and only talks about boys. She's also evolved. Amy and Bernie really could talk about other things with her. Let's see that more often.

It was interesting to see Bernie and Amy hang out together. Without Penny, there wasn't a calming agent to temper or turn their snide comments to each other into a joke. They are highly intelligent, but definitely don't understand the other's choice in men. That made their fantasy pick of a guy at the bar hilarious. They subconsciously recognize what their man is lacking and that was brought to the surface.

While Leonard was away, his roomie and best friend both missed him and sought company with each other. Sheldon and Penny both tried to play off how much they missed Leonard, but weren't successful at all. At least they had each other, especially after they called him and didn't believe he missed them too.

I was shocked that Sheldon went from not being able to console Penny to actually making a sarcastic joke at her expense. He doesn't usually do that in this way. Both of these exchanges were hilarious and showed the depth of their relationship and how Penny has helped Sheldon grow.

Sheldon: Well, if it's any consolation, i'm sure Leonard's tormented every moment he's away from your warm embrace and cherry lips.
Penny: Thanks.
Sheldon: Oh, seriously? | permalink

Sheldon: Now, I know how you felt getting mauled by that sex-crazed gorilla. | permalink

Leonard may have been partying it up at sea, but he didn't forget his sexy girlfriend back at home. It was actually touching to see him show off Penny to the others on board, even if it was a video of her showering and getting attacked by a gorilla.

Overall, "The Hofstadter Insufficiency" was an average episode for The Big Bang Theory. There were definitely some funny moments, but in its entirety it wasn't one of my favorites. As the season premiere, I was a little disappointed.

What was your favorite line? Are you glad that Raj can finally speak to girls? Were you disappointed in the premiere?

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The Hofstadter Insufficiency Review

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Howard: There's a party for incoming post-docs tonight. Go to it and meet someone who isn't made of grease or pie.
Raj: You think you're so cool because your wife is a person?

Sheldon: Even the dung beetle chooses to plot its course by using the Milky Way.
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