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Penny tells Leonard that she ended up getting along with his mother after all, but that she also agreed to try and plan a wedding ceremony the following weekend so that all of their friends and family can attend, including Leonard's mother.

Leonard thinks it would be nice to be able to invite his dad, and gets on board with the idea.

Penny tells Amy and Bernadette, even asking Bernadette to officiate.

Sheldon tells Penny he's invited his mother, and he also invited a few famous people.

Like last time, there is tension between Sheldon and Leonard's mothers. Leonard's dad arrives to what is already an awkward gathering at the house.

Meanwhile, Howard and Raj get an email from the Airforce about their invention, and both of them become paranoid. Bernadette tells them they are paranoid because of all the movies they watch and comic books they read.

On the way to the restaurant, Howard becomes paranoid when it looks like they are being followed, but it's actually just Leonard and Penny behind them. He ends up getting pulled over after driving up a one way street.

Leonard's dad and Sheldon's mom leave dinner early and share a cab back to the hotel after hitting it off with one another.

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