Black Out - The Big Leap
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  • Everyone talks to the cameras and recalls how the show went wrong after the blackout Allan started by plugging in a Christmas tree. 
  • Nick finds out that Aja is an electriican and she and Mike both worked to get the electricity going again. 
  • Brittney jumps at going to get flashlights so she can to head to the drug store with her brother to get a pregnancy test. She tells Simon that she's pregnant. 
  • Aja and Mike don't get the lights working and Nick spazzes out even though he claims he was the only one who stayed calm.
  • Raven is upset that her mother didn't show up because she doesn't approve of her. 
  • They start the show anyway with the cell phone flashlights and flashlights and Nick knows that it's a diaster in waiting. 
  • Reggie still hasn't shown up yet. Arrives at the last minute. 
  • They start the show with the flashlights and it's actually quite cool. Eveyrone cheers for Justin and Gabby and boo Brittney. 
  • Aja and Mike got the lights to work.
  • Kevin leaves some flowers for Julia and LInus notices them and gets caught holding them so she thinks they're from him.
  • Everyone is shading Reggie when Gabby tells him that she needs him to back off becuase he distracted her and she already fell while performing.
  • Nick is inspired by everything and asks Monica to join him for six weeks in a cottage in England when the show is over and she didn't answer him right away. 
  • Simon lets Brittany know that she's preganant and she doesn't know what to do yet. 
  • Kevin shows up and there's confusion over the flowers but no one believes him and Linus won't correct anything. 
  • Linus and Kevin are in a fight when Julia and Raven return from their dance
  • Reggie refuses to go out ont he stage. 
  • Brittany falls through a trap door, and injues herself. 
  • Justin and Simon argued before going out on stage and claimed they woud be having sex with other people wish brought the passion to their dance onstage. 
  • But when Jutstin walks off he falls through the same trap door as Brittany.
  • Nick overhears Monica talking to Wayne and dismissing going to the countryside with him. He doesn't hear the rest that Wayne calls her out on being in love with Nick, and she does want to go tot the countryside.
  • They figure out that Justin and Brittney are missing, so Wayne tells MOnica to suit up and take on the swan role. 
  • House of Lush are celebratory of Monica being an honorary member with them. 
  • Brttany and Justin talk and she admits that she made Simon break up with him. 
  • Mike goes out to dance and doesn't think he can do it, but they show footage of Paula behind him and then all of Paula's students come help him dance. 
  • Julia and Kevin officially agree they're divorcing. Julis talks about her new plans and plans to travel with her daughters to Tokyo, she invites Raven too
  • Nick takes back his offer and Monica is crushed. 
  • Nick notices the pregnancy test on the reciept. 
  • Gabby talks about how she finally loved herself. During the final perofrmance, Justin was nowhere to be found So Reggie steps in to all the boos.
  • Reggie confesses t his love to Gabby with a vocal and opinionated audiene around and Gabby agrees to coffee. 
  • Justin finally arrives, and he uses the chance to confess his love to Simon. They kiss. 
  • They ended the show with a dance party and Gabby and Reggie kissed. 
  • Paula's lawyer left Mike a notice that she left him everything and he's a millionaire. 
  • Nick let's Brittany know he knows about the preganncy and he plans to give her a bigger role in season two depending on what she does. He also goes to Gabby and makes her a chereogrpaher which also serves to spite Monica. 
  • Wayne thinks that Nick has grown after the season, but Nick promises that there will be some big surprises in the new season. 
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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Brittney: What did I do to deserve this, you know?
Nick: What do you think you did?
Brittney: Well, lots of stuff.

It was shaping up to be a tornado of diarrhea. Category five.