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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Swan Song

The Big Leap Review: Swan Song

On The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10, unexpectedly, Nick reels from a loss, the cast gears up for the final performance of the show, and much more. Read our review!
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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Big Dumb Life

The Big Leap Review: Big Dumb Life

On The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 8, a lockdown slumber party forces everyone to open up and get vulnerable, and Monica seeks out Justin to make amends. Read our review!
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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Revenge Plot

The Big Leap Review: Revenge Plot

On The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 7, Gabby and Nick team up for revenge against Brittney, Reggie takes a huge risk, and Justin's dream may come to an end. Read our review!
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On the heels of his latest show failure and a stressful divorce, producer Nick reluctantly signs on to produce “The Big Leap,” a high-stakes docuseries, which brings together dancers from every age, background and body type, is the brainchild of former dancer Wayne, with choreographer Monica, help Nick mount the production, searching for not only the best dancers, but also the ones that could stir up the most drama and buzz.

Gabby wose dream of becoming a professional dancer was sidelined when she got pregnant right out of high school, stumbles upon an open casting call and auditions alongside Justin, her former dance partner and now out ex-boyfriend.

Their fellow contestants include Reggie, a pro football star on the brink of suspension whom Nick believes could give the show the star power and controversy it needs; Brittany, a born-and-bred hyper-competitive ballroom dancer; unemployed autoworker Mike, whose wife left him; Paula, a high-powered corporate executive; and former ballerina Julia, who relies on social media for the attention she craves from her family.

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Stop saying I got fired. It's not accurate. The auto industry shipped my job to Mexico, and there was a global pandemic. From a bat! A bat killed all of our grandparents! How is that my fault?


Dancer 1: How does she not know he's gay?
Dancer 2: How does he not know he's gay?