A Difficult Decision - The Big Leap
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  • A montage of Paula and Mike spending time together and leading up to Christmas. Paula gets progressisvely sicker. 
  • Paula collapses and the EMTs come to get her. Mike screams that they were supposed to have more time.
  • It's two days until the finale of the series, a week after Paula collapsed, she died. 
  • Gabby is back at her old job because she needs health insurance.
  • Kevin is still trying to prove himself while Julia and Linus are together. 
  • Nick doesn't want to do anything to commeorate Paula because he thinks it's too sad.
  • Reggie is still pissed off at everyone for showing Gabby the footage. 
  • Tensions and emotions are high at the end of Swan Lake and everyone questions why the show has to be the way that it is. 
  • Monica gives Gabby the go ahead to choreograph something knew. 
  • Justin and Monica encourage her to get the credit she deserves for it. 
  • They bring Mike back to the show and show him a video of Paula who said it was her last request for him. He agrees. 
  • Zach tells Nick that someone has to get eliminated during the show even though it's two days left
  • The Twins' mother is back. She proposes that Brittney join her on Whorelando, a mother/daughter dating show.
  • Nick is having a panic attack because he's still mourning Paula and doesn't know how to do it properly. Monica talks some sense into him. 
  • Zach wants them to announce who is going home and NIck decides that it's him and he's boycotting. He asks if anyone wants to join him, and the others do.
  • People at the presser for Reggie after the game he lost ask him questions about Gabby and hype him up enough to go after her again.
  • Julia has to go to the school because her daughter Olivia painted a pictur eon the school building.
  • Nick talks to his daughter about his feelings. 
  • Wayne shows Mike the final tape that Paula left for him.
  • Simon breaks up with Justin right befor the show. 
  • Brittney assumes that she's been throwing up because of her nerves but it's because she's pregnant. 
  • The lights go out and Nick has another serious panic attack. 
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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

We minimize her.... people tune into reality shows to be sad about someone getting broken up with in a jacuzzi, not to be sad about a woman who was nice to everyone and finally found love but died of cancer way too young because that is a reminder that life is crushingly unfair which is exactly what people tune into these shows to forget about, okay? So we minimize her.


What is happening?! We were supposed to have more time!