Reggie: What's wrong with this guy?
Allan: He's a bowtie guy.

Never before have I started a show knowing so clearly that we were f**ked.


Zack: Twitter is having Gabbygasms!
Henry: I love her.

Nick: If those dancers can walk out on a pitch-black stage and make something gorgeous, why can't we give us a shot?
Monica: That's a bold speech. Question, are you drunk?
Nick: Yes, yes. I'm drunk. I'm drunk on inspiration!

Mike: Luckily, I rewired my whole house three years ago, so Aja and I tag-teamed it.
Aja: You know even though I was in the first dance and rehearsed for like a month, but you know, who's keeping track?

Simon: Why are we doing this? I want to be back with the drama.
Brittney: Oh, believe me, you are with the drama. I need to get a pregnancy test.
Simon: What?
Brittney: Yeah, I missed my period, and I feel nauseous, and if I am, it's Reggie's.
Simon: Okay, well, you've always been irregular. Hang on, I got your clue app synced on my phone. Oh my God you're two months late!

Brittney: What did I do to deserve this, you know?
Nick: What do you think you did?
Brittney: Well, lots of stuff.

Earl Jr: Personally, I like that they took some license with the music. I would take Whitney Houston over Tchaikovsky any day.
Earl Sr.: The Bodyguard. Now that was a good movie. They should do that for season two.

It was shaping up to be a tornado of diarrhea. Category five.


It's great, I feel like randomly hugging people!


The things that are inside of me, I can't say on network television. And not even in Spanish because they catch us.


Justin: So, just before Simon and I went on stage, I told him I was going to bang every guy in Paris.
Nick: Wow, and what did he say?
Simon: That's fine. I'll take North and South America. He can have Europe.
Allan: That's a lot of people.

The Big Leap Quotes

Stop saying I got fired. It's not accurate. The auto industry shipped my job to Mexico, and there was a global pandemic. From a bat! A bat killed all of our grandparents! How is that my fault?


Dancer 1: How does she not know he's gay?
Dancer 2: How does he not know he's gay?