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An NSA server is hacked and then one of their employees dies in a car crash and a device is stolen from his car. Red suggests that a hacker, Ivan, is responsible. Red and the FBI come up with a ruse to get Ivan to confess what he's done. It turns out that someone else has been posing as Ivan. He only works against Russia  not the US.

The FBI tracks the hackers various actions to include increasing a woman's Social Security payment. The hacker is her grandson. They track him down. He took the device in order to keep the project leader's daughter from moving to Colorado. The project was being relocated. and he's secretly in love with her.

Mr. Kaplan finds the Cowboy and Jolene's bodies. Red calls in a missing person report for Jolene. The police question the Keens. Liz is determined to find out what happened. She has Jolene's call traced and finds Tom's lair. He covers his tracks and attacks Liz in order to get out. When Liz gets the evidence photos, she finds the toy she gave her husband in the trash.

She goes to Red. He has built a music box that plays the same tune her father hummed to her. Red comforts her over Tom's betrayal.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

So the Federal Government has armed a cyber terrorist with a digital equivalent of a nuclear warfare. Another fabulous example of your tax dollars at work.


The who-dun-it has already been solved.