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- Liz and Tom see an ultrasound of their baby. She decides that she's going to ask for time off to stay home with the baby. Tom's thrilled about it.

- Red questions Malik about the mole. She was ordered to reveal information about the facility as part of a security check. Red lets her go and she looks into the matter more. She tracks the order to Diane Fowler.

- Red brings Liz a case about children that are being adopted illegally. They get the name of the children whose adoption was handled by Cypress, but the DNA doesn't match any missing children. Red suggests she check for DNA matches close to others in the system. The DNA doesn't match criminals as they expect, but missing women.

- In their search they find a name of a student. The FBI tries to stop her abduction, but they are too late. When a body turns up of one of the missing women with a bullet wound, they get the break they need. Her body shows signs of being kept in a comatose and of giving birth two times. They trace the sedative used and find the girls.

- The man behind the adoption ring was in the foster system and returned from his adopted family when he had troubles. He faked his way into Harvard and was a con man. He wanted to create the perfect children that people wanted to adopt. They were all his biological children. He succeeded.

- Liz decides she can't raise a child and tells Tom she doesn't want to go through with the adoption. She cries at home alone, while he meets up with Jolene.

- Red visits Diane and kills her for being responsible for what happened to him.

The Blacklist
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