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After a politician in Prague is framed for murder, Red brings the Kingmaker to the FBI's attention. He needs them to find him in order to uncover who is targeting him.

The Kingmaker comes to New York to make a new politician. During a car crash, the politician's wife dies and his popularity sky rockets. The FBI finds evidence the Kingmaker is targeting the current Senator. They get there after the Kingmaker shoots the Senator, but save his life.

The Kingmaker gets the jump on Liz and strangles her. Ressler kills him. Red is upset to find out the Kingmaker is dead. He's lost his lead on his enemy.

Liz and Aram look into her father's death and find out that Red was there when Sam died. Liz confronts Red and he admits to killing her father. She tells Red they're done.

The Blacklist
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