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A woman goes through some files and calls a detective after seeing disturbing stuff. The detective arrives to find her murdered.

Raymond visits Herbie, who asks for help in the case of a murdered judge. He isn't convinced the person arrested for the crime. Raymond calls the taskforce to ask for help.

The team interviews the detective handling the case.

Robert is delivered to Wujing, who reveals everything he knows about Raymond.

The team interviews potential suspects in the murder of the judge, but everyone has an alibi.

Herbie discovers that the suspect must have been framed.

Robert confronts Raymond about Wujing's accusations.

The team tries to find leads in the case. Some flowers lead them to a man named Anton.

Anton drugs a woman, but Ressler and Siya show up before he can do anything to her. He is revealed to be a serial murderer who targets successful women because he has some residual trauma stemming from his mother.

He is arrested and reveals that he killed the judge because they were lovers and she had found out what he had been doing to women.

Ressler questions what was happening on the Wujing front. Harold tells him to wait until Raymond offers them something.

Robert goes to Wujing and reveals that Raymond had confessed to working with the FBI. He joins Wujing on his quest.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 5 Quotes

He said you were working with the feds. No, it sounded like you were working for the feds.


Mother? She doesn't merit the honorific.