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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Bodies are being smuggled out of the U.S., but Liz and the FBI team learn it involves a tradition rather than drugs or weapons.

Liz manages to capture the man behind it, and she learns that he was contracted by the Kabal to bring over an agent.

Samar, after playing a trick on her hostage, discovers that the Kabal is planning an attack.

Red sends the man’s tongue to the Director.

Liz continues her search for answers from Red, and he reveals that the photo is of her and her mother. Also her mother was a KGB agent.

Red refuses to say more and Liz questions if Red was in love with her mother.

Liz goes back to Tom, who has been helping her try and find the truth.

Harold confronts Tom Connolly about his treatment and not helping anymore. Unfortunately, his wife leaked the documents.

Tom Connolly reveals he is working for the Kabal and that he owns Harold.

The Blacklist
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