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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Liz and the FBI team try and locate Karakurt.

They go to the a subsection of the FBI for intel on Karakurt, but there is none to give except a recording.

Liz asks if they can look into information on her mother.

However, Karakurt has set a bomb at the location and it goes off killing the agents inside.

They get a lead from Red on Karakurt’s location, but Tom Connolly tells Harold to redirect his team to a different spot. They do, but Liz runs into Karakurt anyway.

Harold goes to Red for help, and Red convinces him to keep working with Tom.

The team discovers that the target is a senator, and Tom even offers Harold a clue as to what Karakurt might be posing as.

Except even after Liz saves the senator, he still dies.

Turns out, Liz was set up by the cabal to be the carrier of the virus.

Red tells her to run.

The Blacklist
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