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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Red clues in Liz to the Longevity Initiative after a trooper is killed after discovering a truck full of bodies.

People have been abducted for a scientists immortality experience. Except, the doctor hasn’t been successful on that front and been more focused on trying to help his injured fiancee.

Red is assigned to kill him by his boss, but he instead wants the doctor to help retrieve a memory from Liz.

The doctor says he can’t and says that he failed his fiancee. He kills himself.

The German bad guys find Tom and threaten to hurt Liz. Tom reveals who hired him and he and his handler are let go.

Tom goes to Liz’s place.

Harold is put under pressure to give the FBI’s target, the boss behind the initiative, the benefit of the doubt. Hearing he might be cut from the trial program, he follows suit.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

I don't take anything you say at face value.


Not all suspects are created equal.