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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Tom tries to get his passports from Liz, but she refuses, and Red shows up forcing Tom to leave.

Red gives Liz a case involving Vanessa Cruz, a woman setting up people connected to the death of her husband.

Liz tries to get Red’s help, but Red wants the fulcrum.

Liz gets Tom to help, and she gives him his passports.

Tom tries to be honest with her about their relationship, about starting over.

Liz kisses and him says goodbye.

Liz and Ressler almost catch Vanessa, but she manages to escape.

Vanessa is approached by Mr. Kaplan to work for Red.

Red tries to work the vote against him involving the director and the secret group. However, he is betrayed by the swing vote.

Tom tells Liz that Red gave him the passports and sent Tom to Liz.

Red admits the truth after she confronts him. She angrily gives him the fulcrum.

Red is shot.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

It couldn't have all been pretend.


Pride, the deadliest but most subtle of the sins.