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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Red meets up with his love Josephine. He learns that she is supposed to be married, but she tells Red she loves him.

Red tells her he can protect her, but she winds up getting hurt by her husband.

Red wants to hunt down Alistair Pitt, who arranged the marriage, to get revenge.

Alistair comes out of hiding to arrange a marriage between the son and daughter of warring mob families.

The son’s fiancee is killed in order to push him into the marriage.

A fight breaks out at the wedding, and Red manages to capture Alistair.

He reveals his history with Josephine and kills Alistair.

He meets up with Josephine later and tells her it is done.

Tom teams up with his ex Gina to go on a heist. He needs money to help with fatherhood.

Liz tries to give up her baby for adoption, but her fugitive history causes problems.

The Blacklist
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