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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Liz meets with a prospective adoption couple, and they agree to take the baby.

Red wants Liz to investigate Lady Ambrosia after a boy who had gone missing turns up.

Turn out, Lady Ambrosia takes unwanted children with disabilities and cares for them until they are 12. Then she does a sort of ritual and kills them.

One of her sons died when he was young, and she is disgusted with the other son who has special needs.

The other son, Theo, also helps in the killing of the children.

Lady Ambrosia sends the adoption agency man to get back the boy who was found. He kills the mother, but before he can get Liz, he is taken by Red’s men.

Red wants to know where the kids are being taken. He wants one of the girls to bring back to her mother who has a file that has information on Liz’s mother.

Red rescues the girl, and the FBI rescues the other children.

Theo takes his mother and kills her by pushing her down a well. He then jumps into the well.

The boy is reunited with his parents, and Liz reads the Wizard of Oz.

Meanwhile, Tom is setup by his ex Gina and left for dead. Bloodied and bruised he makes his way to home but is discovered by a boy.

Tom is rushed into the hospital.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Looking back I’m not sure I shouldn't have raised you myself.


From where I sit, there’s only one ugly person in the room and it’s certainly not you, Theo.