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On the season finale of The Blacklist…

Mr. Kaplan agrees to testify.

Red wants Henry Prescott who has Reven Wright’s body.

Aram testifies but says he is proud of the work done with Red.

Samar finds out Aram’s girlfriend, Janet, testified.

Harold submits DNA sample to find out if Red is her father.

Despite finding Reven, the bullet that killed her will be used to force Hitchen to derail the grand jury.

Hitchen gets the grand jury to be stopped.

Before Mr. Kaplan can reveal a truth to Liz, Red’s men show up.

Mr. Kaplan kills herself so her contingency plan will activate and the truth about why Red showed up to Liz will be revealed.

Ressler accidentally kills Hitchen.

Liz reveals she already tested for Red’s DNA two weeks after he showed up but never checked to see the answer.

Aram gets out of jail and kisses Samar.

Liz finds out that Red is her father.

Tom gets the suitcase containing a skeleton.

Red says they need to find the suitcase before Liz finds out anything.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Why come into my life, give up everything, go broke trying to protect me, and not tell me you're my father?


I do wonder what else Donald's men will find in your nightstand. Are you a vibrator kind of gal, Laurel? We'll see.