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Red scams a valet out of a red car. The cops give chase, but he outruns them. He sells the car and returns to his new home, a motel. 

Aram and Samar are making out in the elevator on the way to work. Ressler greets them. Cooper tells the group that Red is Liz's dad.

Liz shows up at the motel. She's surprised where he's living. She's looking for a case. 

They show up at a bail bondsman's place looking for a job. The guy gives him Smokey Putman.

Dembe calls Red with the news about the suitcase. Tehre is no news.

Red and Liz are at a carnival looking for a Blacklister. Harold wants a Blacklister.

Ressler tells the team about HItchin being found dead.

Red and Liz talk to a couple of carnies about Smokey. They give information on a woman associated with Putnam.

Ressler and Navabi goes into the Hitchin crime scene. There's a surveillance system that Ressler didn't know about. Navabi believes it wasn't an accident.

Red and Liz visit Tammy Lynn. Smokey is there and Red starts shooting at the ceiling where Smokey is hiding. They take him and head back. In the meantime, Red finds out where Smokey hid the cash.

They get pulled over by US Marshalls, but they're not really Marshalls. There's a shootout but they get away.

They pull off into a forest and Red wants to know about the skinheads that chased them. The car is trashed. They are travel on a bus to get home. Liz knows something is going on and asks Red, but he tosses it off.

Red and friends stop at a diner to get Smokey something to eat (because he's diabetic). He tries to convince them to not take him back. When his boss calls, someone overhears the call about Putnam.

Cooper calls in Ressler to question him about Hitchin and their bad blood. Ressler denies bad blood. After he's done he calls the cleaner and tells him they need to talk.

Red and gang are in Ohio waiting for a train. While Red goes to look for a car, Smokey tells Liz he's got to use the bathroom. Smokey gets out by pretending he's another guy that was in the bathroom. he gets grabbed by skinheads, but Liz is too late. She runs to Red and tells him Putman is gone. Liz calls Aram for help while Red is hotwiring a car.

Ressler gives the cleaner some money and wants to know what's going on. The cleaner tells him not to worry, he took care of everything.

Red finds the skinheads and Putnam. He lets Putnam go and makes the others sit and starts asking questions. Red lets the skinheads go after Putnam gives them back their money.  Putnam stays with Red and Liz.

They head back to NYC and Red is ready to turn him in. He wants to call Tammy Lynn to say goodbye. Putnam tries to get away but Liz catches him and cops escort him to his appointment with the judge.

Liz tells Cooper all about the adventure and that Red is doing it all for money. Cooper tells her he's going to disclose her relationship with Red to higher ups.

She joins Red in the car to tell him she's going to help him rebuild his empire. Red intercepts a witness who was going to testify against Putnam. There is no witness and Putnam is released.

Aram tells Cooper that he and Samar are dating. Cooper doesn't have a problem with it. Ressler and Samar show up and Cooper tells them all that nothing was found with Hitchin. It was ruled an accident.

Red works with the woman and Putnam and tries to convince them to work with him in his empire. Liz watches it all go down. The woman is Hawkins. They agree to work with Red. Liz is amused. She and Liz dance. IT's cute. 

Ressler gets in his car and the cleaner shows up. He tells Ressler he knows who he really is and that he only hid the evidence of Ressler's crime and that he's going to have to cooperate or he'll tell everything.

Dembe shows up at the hotel with no information.

Liz goes home to find Tom waiting for her. She tells him about Reddington and kicks the suitcase away with his foot. 






The Blacklist
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