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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Red plays two businessmen against each other, pretending to work with the other.

After Iniko kills his employee, Red reveals that Iniko killed one of his friends two months ago. Red kills Iniko and hires Iniko’s cleaners.

Dembe, worried about Red’s actions, seeks out Liz hoping she can reach him. He reveals that Red killed Mr. Kaplan.

The FBI team takes on a case involving a girl who has premonitions, or rather, her hearing aid picks up a criminal’s murder plans.

These plans associate with affecting stock prices.

Ressler manages to kill the murderer, but the one behind the plans and dealing with the stocks gets away.

Tom tries to get into living a normal life, but he reveals to Liz that he has reservations that he can do it and leave his former life behind.

The Blacklist
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