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A thief steals a necklace. he's Greyson Blaise, a patron of the arts and is going to introduce the Napoleon Diamond Necklace but it's gone because it's in his wife's purse.They leave after it's discovered missing.

Harold wants a Blacklister and is upset that Red hasn't provided one. He takes Liz and they go to confront Reddington. Red gives them the name of Greyson Blaise, a thrill seeker. He doesn't want them to arrest Blaise, he wants to go into business with him. The Task Force is being used to help rebuild his empire.

Dembe is on the hunt for the bones.

Aram gives information about the auction they will be going to in New York. Red and the team arrive at the party.

Nik is on his way home when he comes across Tom who is seeking his help.

Red is bidding on a penny at the auction but loses and gets Blaise's attention.

Tom shows Nik the bones and wants Nik to help him identify the bones. Nik refuses to help.

Back at the auction, Blaise greets Red.  Red tries to talk business with Greyson, but he's not interested in talking to Red, but then Red convinces him to have a seat at the table.

Dembe is looking for a guy that's going to lead him to someone who knows about the suitcase. he's cooking a meal while trying to get the information he needs.

Harold is not amused that Red told Blaise he was holding a party with a Rembrandt Greyson is interested in. He gets the Task Force to steal the painting from a woman in Paris.

Red and Liz arrive at a house on Lake Como, Italy and he convinces the owners to let him use the house for a party.

The painting is sold and so Red goes to an artist to convince him to duplicate the Rembrandt. The guy agrees to do it.

the party is in full swing and Blaise arrives.

Tom is at a phone star trying to find out information about Dennison, the same guy Dembe is trying to find.

Red is trying to make a deal with Blaise when the painting arrives just in time. Red works his magic and convinces Blaise to work with him. The painting is put into Blaise's car but then Red calls the cops.

Red gets to Blaise's house and convinces the staff to destroy everything before the cops arrive. He also steals the coin and a painting before taking off. Liz is way too giddy about being part of all the fun.

Red gives Harold everything he needs to bring down Blaise. Tom gets to Dennison's place to find that someone has already been there. Dennison was tied up. Someone comes to the apartment and Tom hides. It's Dembe and Red. Red kills him while Tom watches, but Dennison is able to give Tom some information. He tells him to find Oliander. Nik says he's going to help Tom.

Red arrives at the apartment for dinner and Liz knows there's something going on.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

It's important for me to keep up appearances. I can't go around looking like a party pooper.


The man knows people, criminals. He's plugged into a whole ecosystem of deviants. I have a hard time believing he's suddenly so compromised he can't be of help to us.