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A little girl and her dad are playing dayglo golf when she goes to find her mom. Then the little girl is kidnapped. The parents go looking. They go to the cops.

Liz visits with Red about a case. She wants to talk about their history. He doesn't want to. He tells her about the twins who are not twins and Anna McMahon.

Liz presents the case to the Task Force.

Ressler talks to Liz about where she's been. Liz gives no information.

The two talk to the parents of the kidnapped girls.

The two girls meet.

Ressler and Liz visit the IVF facility New Dawn.

Ressler and Liz visit Miles Gordon to ask him some questions. He runs, they arrest him.

Red meets a senator who wants to find a guy -- the guy who kidnapped one of the girl. He tells Red about the guy. Red leaves.

Liz thanks Ressler for finding her grandfather and tells him everything.

Aram is questioning Miles Gordon about the girls.There were three girls. Ressler and Liz go to protect the other girl. The girl is gone.

Red and another guy goes into a shop. She makes a deal.

Liz informs the Task Force about kids being taken.

Aram gives more informaion about the DNA sequence of the girls.

Senator meets with Anna McMahon about Red's meeting and Cotton. Anna calls someone to find Cotton before Reddington.

Cotton visits the same woman and Red is there to meet him.

Teddy and Red argue about Dembe at the shop.

Red learns the name of the kidnapper. Guillermo Rizzal.

The girls are trying to escape.

Red wants to know about Anna McMahon.

Ressler and Liz are at the facility they think the kids are being held at.

One girl isn't affected by anything.

Ressler and Liz are inside while the bad guys get the doctor out but they go back for Corrine, the little girl.

Ressler goes looking for the guys. The doctor gets Corrine and they leave while Ressler chases.

Ressler fights off one of the guards.He chases after Corrine.

The girl is shot, they catch the doctor. Ressler performs CPR.

Ressler questions the doctor. The girl survives.

Doc talks about climate change and that's why he created the girls.

Red and Liz meet in a park. Liz wants to talk about the code. Red wants to talk about the dossier.

Liz tells Red she's bringing Agnes home.

Anna talks to someone about Cotton and the dossier.







The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Liz: Are you upset?
Red: Conflicted.

Senator, unlike your lunch date here, I'm not interested in foreplay.